Guiding soul-driven entrepreneurs to create sustainable businesses that make a difference in the world while giving them the freedom to enjoy all of their life.

Discover your Soulfluent® Leadership Archetype for more joy and profits!

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You’re burned out, ready to divest from other people’s blueprints, to follow what’s real and true for you and to honour who you really are – the Soulfluent® Leadership Archetypes will help you unlock your template for success.

Find out who you really are and succeed on your own terms.

Change is afoot, and we know that we are the catalysts for change.

But change requires, first, a new level of leadership within ourselves, followed by a new level of leadership externally.

We have deep questions that are inviting us to lead ourselves first, then to lead others.

Here’s the truth: What got you to this level of success isn’t what will take you to the next.

Hi, I’m Priscilla!

I’m so glad you’re here.

After working with hundreds of women entrepreneurs here’s what I know for sure: Dreams and businesses don’t create fulfilling success. Alignment does.

This happens when your values, your dreams, your well-being and the way you really want to run your business are congruent. It’s holistic success and it’s how you live when you lead from your soul.

Working collaboratively with my clients who are self-proclaimed visionaries and rebels, I combine a powerful duo of soul guidance from the Akashic Records with practical business strategy that gives them the ultimate edge to lead from a higher purpose with greater self-trust and without getting lost in minutiae.

I believe you can have it all: a world changing, soul-satisfying business and a life you love with more ease and grace. And we can do this with love, laughter, Truth-telling, chocolate truffles and sparkles.

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You are ready for Soulfluent® Leadership if you:

Love what you do, but you’ve reached an upper limit in your business.

Are afraid of losing yourself as you scale–and your confidence may be wavering.

Might even be lacking clarity of direction as you are called into your next evolution of leadership.

Are excited to expand your vision to new heights, but there is something holding you back from your next level of impact and business growth.

When you create alignment within yourself and your business model and embody the fullest expression of your unique contribution, then it’s possible for you to:

Make bold moves that shift the trajectory of your business without working harder.

Maximize your profits while creating a culture that works for everyone.

Grow your community and lead your movement to create the change you know is possible.

Create a legacy that fulfills your soul’s work and changes lives.

This is the beauty of Soulfluent® Leadership. It helps you to understand the language of your soul’s leadership, including personal biases and egoic urges, and how to access this wisdom consciously in all that you do.

By leading from your innate strengths, you lead more freely, bringing healing and positive change to your communities, organizations, and companies, thereby creating a more humane world where everyone thrives.

The world is calling for Soulfluent® leaders who support the collective good.

Core Offers

90 Minute Business Session

Identify your next step to grow your business by aligning to your Soulfluent® Leadership Archetype


Design your comprehensive business roadmap to create the spacious lifestyle and business you’re craving.


Step into the next version of your business and legacy as you hone your CEO, Money & Leadership Mindset.

Discover your Soulfluent® Leadership Archetype for more joy and profits!

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