About Me

I’m Priscilla Stephan, a Conscious Leadership Mentor, Spiritual Guide and Intuitive Business Strategist.

I work with Visionary Leaders who come from a wide range of industries and have one thing in common: the desire to create a global impact and live a life of purpose without sacrificing their time, relationships, or well-being.

My clients meet me at a pivotal juncture in life, where after reaching the height of success, they now feel called to step into the pinnacle of their purpose and to create a global impact that redefines humanity’s future.

Together, I help them navigate the exhilarating and at times choppy waters involved in birthing ground-breaking new paradigms and possibilities that usher in a better world for all.

My approach is deep, holistic and invites you to lead from your soul. In doing so, you experience the greatest level of fulfillment AND impact while keeping your values and well-being intact. For the last fourteen years, it’s been my privilege to do this sacred work with visionaries and mystics committed to raising the collective consciousness and creating a better future for the world.

My path to doing this work has been a winding adventure: The backstory.

When I graduated from Columbia University with my Master’s degree in International Affairs two decades ago, I was sure I would spend my life working with environmental leaders to protect the planet. And yet after 10 years in that field and two subsequently painful career changes, I found myself burnt out, lost, and wondering if I would ever find my calling.

After a year-long sabbatical, a lot of soul-searching and the knowing that if I just kept going, eventually the answers would emerge, I came upon the Akashic Records and uncovered my gift of providing intuitive business and leadership guidance from people’s souls so they can work in their zones of genius, live their purpose profitably, and make a big impact in the world their way.

The Power of Leading from Your Soul for Legacy-level impact.

When you lead from your soul, you naturally accelerate growth, minimize futile guesswork, maximize opportunities and create deep alignment with your soul’s calling

As a result, business and leadership become a lot more fun and you create more with less effort.

I take the mystery and confusion around your next steps and help you get clear on your soul’s fullest vision for leadership so you realize it.

Giving you the clarity you need to realize your fullest potential and purpose is my gift—and my secret to help you change the game for humanity with more ease and grace than ever before. To facilitate this work, I use an incredibly powerful spiritual tool known as The Akashic Records to channel the guidance, clarity and healing you need to align with your soul’s purpose and make the legacy-building impact you’re here to make now.

You are here to change the world. It’s my mission to support you to do that more powerfully and joyfully.

Your soul provides the EDGE that you are looking for and I can help you harness its potent wisdom to realize your legacy.

My pinnacle purpose is to help you fully realize yours.

Let’s do this together. 

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