I’m Priscilla Stephan, an Intuitive Business Strategist and Leading From Your Soul Facilitator. I help women leaders who have hit an upper limit in their businesses step into their next level of leadership and create more impact and revenue with grace, joy and ease.

I believe that the most important quality in business (and in life) is the courage to embrace all of who you are and to embody your mission unapologetically. This is why I work with women leaders who are self-proclaimed rebels, visionaries and who are determined to living an extraordinary life.

I believe that the path to growing a successful, mission-driven business with meaning and purpose starts from within and by leading from your soul.

And yet, for many of us, our soul’s path is a windy adventure.

When I graduated from Columbia University with my Master’s degree in International Affairs two decades ago, I was sure I would spend my life working with environmental leaders to protect the planet. And yet after 10 years in that field and two subsequently painful career changes, I found myself burnt out, lost, and wondering if I would ever find my calling.

I was fortunate to take a year-long sabbatical where I had time to focus on me, to hear my soul’s whispers and uncovered my gift of providing intuitive business and leadership guidance from people’s souls so they can work in their zones of genius, live their purpose profitably, and make a big impact in the world their way.

When you Lead From Your Soul, business and leadership become fun…and you create more with less effort.

  • What if you were running/building/creating a business where your choices were always a 100% “hell yes!” and you were leading YOUR way and BEING all of you?
  • What if, instead of hustling to amplify your vision, you embodied it and you created your legacy with more ease?

I take the mystery and confusion around what your next steps are and help you get clear on your soul’s vision for leadership.

With that clarity you learn the exact next steps to take in your business, so you make a greater impact and increase your profits. Giving you the clarity you need to grow your business is my gift–-and my secret to developing an ease-filled business.

To facilitate this work, I use an incredibly powerful spiritual tool known as The Akashic Records to channel the guidance, clarity and healing you need to align with your soul’s purpose in business and make the legacy-building impact you’re here to make now.

I have helped hundreds of soulful women entrepreneurs from newbies to 6-figure and 7-figure business owners thrive past their upper limit and to become confident, empowered and unstoppable leaders in their business.

You are here to change the world, and it’s my mission to support you to do that more powerfully and joyfully.

Your soul provides the EDGE that you are looking for and I can help you access it.

Combining the intuitive and logical worlds accelerates growth, minimizes futile guesswork and creates deep alignment with your soul’s calling as well as increased profitability.

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