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A Spacious Container to Amplify your Message, Visibility + Profits
by Leveraging your Soulfluent® Leadership Archetype

What energetic, strategic and leadership refinements are required to create the business you truly desire to create next?

Too often our goals fall short, not from a lack of commitment, but because we don’t have a cohesive plan that reflects alignment between the energetic, strategic and leadership components of our business that create expansion, flow and impact. 

This is why just working harder – often from fragmented and outdated business models – doesn’t create results. 

The good news is that alignment does and this program will help you turn your innate leadership strengths and desires into business gold now (cue the alchemy).

The best of all worlds:
1:1 business coaching + on-going soul guidance from your Akashic Records +
leadership development in a flexible & spacious container

Your next level of leadership is here: bolder, more self-expressed, and with a higher frequency for a more magnetic presence, more resonant message and a more real expression than you’ve felt comfortable with to date. 

The key to your next evolution is greater depth and courage – and less doing. I can help.

By identifying strategic refinements to your business that will create the greatest opportunities for growth and by helping you to dig deeper into yourself to lead from your greatest Truth, you will start to embody the next level of leadership that’s emerging for you right now with grace and sovereignty.

What is Alchemize?

Alchemize is a flexible membership-style program for purpose-driven women entrepreneurs who desire to operate from a soul-based and cohesive framework to grow their business with greater authenticity, impact and authority while having the flexibility, freedom and 1:1 support when they need it. We will be alchemizing your inner and outer game.

Join anytime (rolling enrollment)

Minimum three-month commitment

Stay as long as you want

1:1 support for your business without long-term commitments

The Alchemizing Process:

To alchemize (definition):  to transform the nature or properties of (something), especially to a higher form, by a seemingly magical process.

We start by identifying your Soulfluent® Leadership Archetype which will inform how we will create alignment in the three core business levers of your business:


Marketing + Business Model 

Money Systems

Calibration of these three core levers in your business will ensure that how you show up, grow, and ultimately monetize your mission will be from a space of deep inner alignment and a reflection of who the leader you are becoming.   

You will develop a clear roadmap with the exact business and soul-informed steps to grow your business holistically so every one of your three business levers are calibrated for your next level of success.

Your membership includes monthly:

Private 45 minute session in your Akashic Records

60-75 minute Office Hours call

Recorded trainings on each of your three core business levers: a) your message b) your business model + marketing and c) your money systems

Bonus: A written personal assessment of your three business levers and strategic recommendations to guide your path forward.

This is for you if:

You have an established business (at least 3 years)

You have consistent revenue (even if it’s not yet at the level you desire) and are ready to grow with deeper integrity, alignment, authority and impact

You want to embody your personal leadership style with more potency and grace

You want to create the roadmap for what’s next in your business with soul.

This container is the perfect space for you to refine what’s working and to start implementing quickly to:

Work on your next big project

Rework or upgrade your business offers for your ideal clients

Revisit your vision, mission and business in general

Flesh out a brand new branch of your business

And more.

The deeper questions we will ask to create resonance and alignment:

Humane, no-holding back leadership – that supports your growth and that makes the world a better place – is going to push your edges and ask for more of you to be unearthed.

We will dig deep to create sustainable alignment with questions such as:

What am I willing to do for a generative exchange of energy? With my pricing, containers and how I deliver my services?

Where am I integrity (a.k.a coherence) with my message, marketing and money relationship and what tweaks are available?

If I took the pressure off, how would I show up?

What old energies are still running the show ?

If I were totally honest with myself, how would I be running my business?

Let’s ask ourselves:
What is it that I truly desire?
And dare to create it.

(3-month minimum)

Pay in Full

Three payments
(30 days apart)

This container is very intimate so you receive focussed attention on your business goals and needs.

After your initial three months, you can choose to continue month-to-month or cancel your membership.

What they are saying….

“I found your business guidance in the Records to be absolute gold. I would take note of things throughout the month where I wanted to make business decisions and wasn’t sure of the details, structure, pricing, or especially the marketing language, and then ask about those details on the call.

To me, confidence and higher perspective guidance kept me in action and aiming for higher things than being on my own, for sure. I made decisions quicker and acted on them, having someone on my team to move me through indecision and trying to find the right ways of describing things.”

Cassie Nevitt

Pilates instructor and Art of Feminine Presence® Practitioner

“Since uncovering my Soulfluent® Leadership Archetypes, I’ve recognized where my power comes from as a leader and how I can better lead with my team and my clients. This has made a big difference in how I approach my business. Before I felt I was  serving my clients and now I feel that I’m leading my clients and helping them understand their business instead of checking off a list of what I need to do for them.”

Carolynn Bottino

Founder, Money Empowerment Project®

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