Divine Money Power

90 day Akashic Healing Series

Access Your Innate Potency with Money

What could you create if you knew how to access and apply your innate brilliance with money in everything you do?

Welcome to the space to create a lasting shift in your relationship to money. We do this by changing your perspective about yourself with money by looking at your relationship from the lens of your Divinity.

In this 3 part healing series in the Akashic Records on Divine Money Power we will address 3 core topics:

Session 1: Money Healing:  Healing the Core Wound(s).

When you shift your perception of your relationship to money and the stories you’ve created, you will have an opening to create infinitely new possibilities with money. Identify the root and shift it.

Session 2: Money Joy: Identifying your Money Persona/Embodying your New Identity with money.

When you access the energy of joy and money, you will step into a new experience with money that will be welcoming, forgiving, compassionate and expansive to your receiving more in all ways. You will connect with this new energy and learn how to integrate it into your daily practices with money so your relationship is co-creative and joyful.

Session 3: Divine Wealth: Accessing your wealth frequency and carving your empowered new chapter with money.

We look at your next steps and define Soul-level wealth on your own terms and the frequency of money and wealth that’s unique to you.  From here, you can learn how to access it and to work with it as you tap into your Divine wealth operating system whenever you need guidance, courage and reassurance.

The Divine states that our relationship to ourselves and our relationship to money are inextricably linked. This series fortifies your relationship to yourself so you can amplify your potency with money.

It’s time to reclaim our innate brilliance with money so we resource our well-being, our dreams and the world with our genius instead of feeling limited by money.

The promise:
By tapping into your Divine brilliance with money, you will have access to a new frequency, identity and empowering perspective on money. This will allow you to experience more ease navigating the money waves in your life and will create lasting change in how you show up for your money: more compassionate, graceful and courageous.

This is the deep, soul-level work that we do in each session.

During each 90 minute Energetic Akashic Group Healing Session you will receive:

  • A personalized Akashic Transmission and healing to amplify your Divine Money Power
  • An energetic clearing for the whole group
  • A hot seat to have your personal questions answered in your Akashic Records.

Some of the shifts created in past Divine Money Power Sessions have been around:

  • deservability and self-worth
  • responsibility
  • ancestral ties and obligations
  • self-trust with money
  • self-sacrifice
  • underearning and settling
  • over-giving, boundaries
  • asking for support
  • being ok with making (a lot) more money

This is a 3-part healing series so your registration is for all three sessions. This creates a positive stacking benefit from each session building upon the next.

It’s best if you attend each session live. However, if you cannot make it live, you can email me your question and have it answered when you receive the replay.

Divine Money Power 3-part Healing Series

Date: Sunday, August 13th
8am – 9:30am Pacific Time

Note: It’s best if you attend each session live. However, if you cannot make it live, you can email me your question and have it answered when you receive the replay.

(Choose your level based on your financial situation)


Scholarship rate


Money Soul Mapping Session in the Akashic Records (private 45 minutes)

  • Identify what’s available in your energetic field to be created right now with money
  • Illuminate your role in being a potent steward of money
  • Clearing old wounds and lingering energies holding you back from having the money you truly desire
  • Mapping out the core next steps for you to be potent with money, both energetically and practically.

The Money Soul Mapping Session is available as a stand alone session or can be added to the Divine Money Power 3-part healing series.

You can register for the Money Soul Mapping Session at any point that works for you within 90 days of your purchase.

3 part-group series + a private 45 minute
Money Soul Mapping Session:
$666 or 3 monthly payments of $222.


$222 x 3
(3 pay option, 30 days apart)

Money Soul Mapping Session:

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Kathryn Rogers
CEO, Maya Moon Co.

Priscilla is a gifted guide and super savvy force of light. You could not find a better provider to take your successful business to the next level and into TOTAL alignment with your divine path and purpose.”
Lindsay Pera

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