What Are The Akashic Records?

Your Akashic records, also called your soul’s records or “Book of Life”, are the complete documentation of everything you’ve experienced in every lifetime since your soul’s creation. Every dream, joy, pattern, relationship, struggle, desire and success is found within its sacred pages. An Akashic records reading – also known as a soul reading – allows you to create a deeper relationship between yourself and the Divine, and get a detailed look into what’s standing in the way of what you truly desire.

The Akashic Records are a sacred space of healing, truth and love, intended to help you align with your soul’s purpose, release blocks and patterns of self-sabotage, and create a life of bliss that aligns with who you truly, undeniably are. This reading is not predictive or psychic. I am simply, in essence, a channel for the guidance coming through from your record keepers.

Who are my Record Keepers?

Your “record keepers” are light beings who oversee your records. They’ve been with you during every incarnation through all dimensions, planes, and times (including this one), and have wisdom & strategies to share for your soul’s growth and Highest good.

How does an Intuitive Business Reading work?

During a reading, I channel the information I hear, see and feel directly from your record keepers directly to you.  The information that is shared with you is from your guides, and designed for your highest good and support.

All readings are done by telephone and are recorded. All calls are STRICTLY and 100% CONFIDENTIAL.

How do I prepare my questions for my reading?

1. Create a list of 5-10 questions you’d like to ask your record keepers. I do not need to see your questions ahead of time. They are just to help you remember what you wish to ask during your reading to your record keepers.

2.  Be specific: The more specific your questions are, the more specific your answers will be as well. For example: Instead of asking “what do I need to know about my business now?” Ask a more targeted question such as: What is the best business model to use in my business? or Is working with coach x the best next step for my business growth? What is the biggest block I have now in my business and how can I heal it?  If you had a business setback you can ask ” What was the lesson for me to learn in that situation?

3. I focus on questions in your Akashic Records about your business, soul’s purpose, blocks in business and life and also your health. I do NOT do readings that focus on guidance or healing about love or romantic relationships.

How can a reading help me in my business?

A reading can guide you towards the best business focus and model for you. It can provide very specific information including business name, tagline, marketing plan, ideal clients, programs offerings, pricing and much more. In this way, your business aligns with your purpose and soul’s path today.

How can a reading help me feel healthier in my body?

A reading can support you in healing your root issues at the soul level – a.k.a the blocks that have kept you from feeling healthy, joyful and at peace within and about your body.

Will you tell me my future?

No. An Akashic Records reading is neither predictive or psychic, since we all have free will and choice at any moment. However, the information that is channeled is always delivered in the spirit of love and truth and for your highest good.

An Akashic records reading is designed to help you grow as a soul. So you can expect to learn lessons for your soul’s growth and that will help you align with your soul’s purpose and path more lovingly.

So… are you a medium? Is this like a psychic reading?

The information shared during an Akashic Records reading is channeled by me through your record keepers (light beings who’ve accompanied your soul through every incarnation including this one and who know you better than you can know yourself.)

They offer information and guidance intended to help you take action. It is up to YOU to choose whether or not you wish to heed their advice.

Where did you learn to do this?

I am Certified as an Akashic Records Reader through the Soul Journeys® method. This was a beautiful and intensive 6-month process where I learned to read my own records, as well as the records of other like-minded souls ready for such an experience.

The beauty of the Soul Journeys® method is that it centers around deep healing techniques within the Akashic Records that are profound, and can create lasting change at the soul level.

How will I feel at the end of my reading?

Some people feel energized, while others feel they could benefit from a 15 minute cat nap to integrate the energetic shifts. However you feel at the end of a reading is just fine. It is as it should be. It is best to give yourself about an hour after your reading to rest, integrate, to spend time in nature; whatever helps you simply be with the information shared by your record keepers. If in the time between your reading and your integration call, strong feelings come up of anger or sadness, simply allow yourself to feel them without judgment. This is normal and a positive sign. As you sit with the emotions and feel through them, you’ll feel better, and start integrating the lessons and guidance you received.

“Priscilla is a rare and valuable asset in the world of coaching and spiritual resources. She blends great knowledge, insights, and fundamental wisdom with the right amount of challenging personal exercises. My experience with her was very enlightening, healing, and most importantly change-igniting. She helped me gain clarity around some personal goals and dig deep to uncover some blocks in these areas. She also gave me clear next steps & identified further resources to best tackle these goals. She’s a wonderful soul & I’m very grateful for our work together!”
Margaret W.

Senior Director, Media Company, NYC

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