Akashic Inner Child Healing Intensive

How would your life change if the root cause of your core childhood wound was healed and you now operated from a place of peace and wholeness?

Despite being over-achievers, super high-functioning, independent beings, we don’t often realize how dependent we become on survival dynamics from childhood that keep us in hyperactive, hustle dynamics that are literally choking away our sense of personal expression, joy and freedom.

If you keep bumping up against a core wound that regurgitates pain and old narratives of shame, guilt, self-doubt and anxiety that have been holding you back from living your fullest potential, there is an opportunity to shift this by seeing your experience through the healing spiritual lens of love.

The Physical Symptoms of a lingering wound

You are likely already experiencing the physical symptoms of this unhealed wound.

It turns out that a clenched jaw, panic and anxiety attacks, chronic digestive issues, an intense feeling of weariness and of being completely overtaken by life, feeling like you have to do everything yourself, trying to control everyone/thing and bracing yourself for another shoe to drop ….

These may just find their ROOTS in an unhealthy childhood dynamic that kept you over-functioning, hyper-vigilant and unsafe being yourself.

These were just some of the unhealthy patterns that become atoned after we connect with the wisdom of your inner child.

As children, when we have to choose between safety and being ourselves, we WILL choose SAFETY because survival instinctively trumps joy. But now, we’re grown and we crave freedom and self-expression and want to feel safe with both.

Living an inauthentic parallel life

Our inner child hopes that the pacts we made for safety in childhood are short-lived.

But that’s not always the case. Sometimes, life gets EVEN harder, and dysfunctional patterns even more ingrained to where we start living a PARALLEL life.

This parallel life is one that is vigilantly compensating, peace-making, compromising, fearing the worst, trying to mitigate and control outcomes and feeling guilty when we speak up.

Through Inner Child healing work, we find ourselves able to give ourselves what we seek from others through acceptance of what happened and finally unburdening ourselves of pain and heaviness that isn’t ours to carry.

Listening to our Inner Child

We don’t have to repress or fear our emotions any longer. There is a better way.

As our souls are shouting out to be expressed and to be heard, it’s calling upon our INNER CHILD to tug out our skirts, to stomp on our boots and for us to listen to his/her wisdom:

“I’m here!”
“I’ve got a LOT to say.”
“I won’t be ignored or put into a corner anymore.”
“It’s time that you listen to me.”

Our rage and sadness, so neatly hidden behind rehearsed and default smiles, is something whose volatility we both fear and envy in those who seem to not think twice when they thrust it upon others.

Healing other Dysfunctional Relationship Dynamics

We carry the wounds not just from unhealthy family dynamics but also from past romantic breakups, betrayal from friends, feeling abandoned and misunderstood in work situations or by a boss. These wounds leave permanent scars that affect how vulnerably and visibly we show up and speak up in our lives.

And now is your opportunity to heal so you lead from your wholeness, not from your wounds.

During the 2-3 hour Akashic Inner Child Session we heal your core wound on 3 levels:

  1. Physical Healing: This is where we create an understanding of your wounding from a human perspective – what happened, the impact it has had on you- and allow you to feel seen and heard, perhaps for the first time in a non-judgemental space.
  2. Emotional Healing: A space to experience the FULLNESS of your emotions: grief, disappointment, guilt and rage tend to come with the package and to release them lovingly and gently.
  3. Soul-level Healing: A higher Spiritual perspective is given that transmutes the countless survival cries of “WHY DID THIS HAPPEN TO ME?” and turns it into a miraculous Divine moment of understanding where the pain no longer drives the narrative but LOVE does. This allows you to experience lasting inner peace and to lead from your Highest Truth over your wounding.

“You experience a shift in how you see the situation and in how you acknowledge and remember it allowing you to free yourself of the pain and embrace the lessons it taught you.
A recent client said.

Identifying and Healing your Core Wound

This session can be used for any kind of longstanding core wound that’s been holding you back such as:

  • abandonment, persecution, lone wolf, witch wounds
  • deeply ingrained emotions such as shame, fear, guilt, self-doubt, failure, perfectionism, judgment, self-loathing/self-sabotage, imposter syndrome, unworthiness and so on.

We work with your inner child, your ancestors and your Spiritual Team to alchemize the wound into an empowered, lighter perspective that sets you free. Peace comes from understanding the Higher Truth of your situation versus the wounding story that perpetuates your pain. 

If you’re unclear what wound to address, we will discuss it prior to your session.

Creating Lasting Peace

Peace comes from understanding the Higher Truth of your situation versus the wounding story that perpetuates your pain.

Once we clear the old energies and replace your perspective with a Higher One, your behaviour and life experience will shift permanently. The healing and alchemizing energy of the Akashic Records helps you to gently and lovingly create lasting freedom.

Your inner child has a lot to share with you. It just needs a safe space to be embraced and heard.

When you start making choices from a place of inner calm, a whole new world of possibilities becomes accessible that wasn’t available to you before.


Pay in Full

2-pay (14 days apart)

Why is this work so timely?

As leaders we are being called to be wildly self-expressed and unencumbered in order to do our best work and this session holds a magical key to move you in that direction..

What would happen if all the energy and hours you’ve spent overcompensating for a painful childhood wound shifted into creating your beautiful life and destiny instead?

Imagine the possibilities!

What they are saying….

Priscilla is a gifted guide and super savvy force of light. You could not find a better provider to take your successful business to the next level and into TOTAL alignment with your divine path and purpose.”

Lindsay Pera

Business Strategist & Mystic

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