Doing Business Through Your
Soulfluent® Leadership Archetype

How the 5 archetypes do business differently
to create a world that works for everyone

Welcome to this interview series!

Enjoy listening to how each of these amazing entrepreneurs are growing their businesses in alignment with their Soulfluent® Leadership Archetype!

Scroll down or click the archetype below to learn more about your specific archetype and how you can integrate it into your life and business.

Mystic Leader and Speaking Coach Rebecca Massoud shares how leaning into her intuitive gifts has deepened her self-trust, allowed her to create in her own timing, download her own body of work and to expand her audience globally teaching soulful women entrepreneurs how to create their client attracting signature talks.

We discuss:

  • How to trust yourself and your gifts in a world that isn’t always friendly to intuition and energy
  • How creating space and trusting our flow can allow us to make more of an impact by actually working less (and still receive amazing “downloads” as if by magic”)
  • How to mitigate the Mystic’s kryptonite: self-doubt so it doesn’t stop us from sharing our brilliance
  • How boundaries are a powerful way to stay connected to ourselves, energized and doing our best work and how to set them with grace
  • How we can prosper as Mystics and work through our money story and old beliefs to be as abundant as we choose.
Visionary Leader and book editor Madeleine Eno shares how her Visionary Archetype is taking her into the spotlight with her messaging and her branding and emboldening her to own her process and her pricing. In addition, it’s allowing her to create a much more spacious business model that affords her plenty of time to work on her own creative writing projects and to work with incredible clients to map out their books, refine their messaging and to help them share their stories once and for all.

In this dynamic conversation we discuss:

  • How being bold in your messaging, branding and in the ownership of your process allows you to magnetize more ideal clients at premium rates while working less.
  • The power for Visionary Leaders to be clear and bold in their stand and messaging.
  • How to not let your past fears or desire to fit in, hold you back from your out-of-the-box methods of doing things (and how to feel safe standing out).
  • How to infuse more efficiency in how you run your business and how that creates more spaciousness to enjoy your life and be even more impactful with your clients
  • How to define Visionary for yourself so you still look and sound like yourself.
In this dynamic conversation, Business Strategist Heather Rangel and I talk about the Strategist’s innate ability to look at both the big picture and the details simultaneously and to create innovative ways of doing things, as well as:

  • how to not lose sight of the big picture amidst so many details
  • how to use your superpower of strategy to mitigate old patterns that can hold you back (ie. there’s a strategy for that)
  • how to trust your way of doing things and to persevere until you get things working right
  • how to trust team members to do things for you and your innate ability to work as part of a team (even though you prefer working independently)
  • how being a Strategist can actually be a really cool way to lead because you make life so much easier for so many by simplifying concepts, systems and processes for the masses.
The Explorer Archetype is beloved by many who identify with its adventurous spirit, love of freedom and genuine curiosity about life and people.

In this dynamic conversation, Annie Sisson, Women’s Empowerment Coach, and I discuss the Explorer Archetype’s gift of always asking expansive questions, following their multifaceted passions and doing things their own way.

In this dynamic conversation we discuss:

  • How to embrace your multifaceted interests as a positive
  • Annie’s hack to know what idea to implement first especially when you have so many ideas you are interested in at once (and you are a fast implementer)
  • How to value your innate creativity and need for freedom and different way of doing things
  • How to embrace what others may see as “unsuccessful and wrong” about you and to see the perfection of your unique way of creating, manifesting and exploring the world and people
  • What freedom really means to you (and it’s not about the money)
  • How to apply your explorer curiosity and sense of adventure into how you run your business, your programs and how to discern the ideal clients you work with and what you bring to the table.
In this dynamic conversation, Business Alchemist, Angella Johnson and I discuss the Divine Feminine’s innate superpowers to create engaging communities and win-win collaborations as well as:

  • how to balance the desire to live in the moment and have simple structures that amplify their flow
  • how to be open to and to expand our receiving and allow ourselves to be more deeply supported by our colleagues and the Universe (no more doing everything ourselves)
  • how to define Feminine Leadership for ourselves and to go deeper than any surface-level reactions to the words Divine and/or Feminine
  • how Divine Feminine leadership is an invitation for more self-care, co-creation and to expand the conversation of win-win-win’s for ourselves, our communities and our planet without leaving anyone behind.
  • how Divine Feminine leadership models are about equality not hierarchy and how this is a really good thing for our future.

Do you know which Leadership Archetype will grow your business with the greatest ease?

Ready to explore how your Soulfluent® Leadership Archetype can grow your business and legacy?

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