Akashic Records Level One

A Private 30 day VIP Experience

A Journey of Spiritual Leadership through the Akashic Records

Hello there,

First, let me say that I would be honoured and delighted to guide you through this special process.   

When I’ve taught Akashic Records Level 1 privately, it’s been a very sacred and customized experience that transcends simply learning how to access their soul guides and becoming versed in communicating with them.     

It also includes a customized journey for my clients to deepen into their spiritual development and soul-level gifts and purpose.     

What this means is that throughout the Zoom training sessions, I’m in your Akashic Records and having your guides walk me through what you need to learn spiritually as you learn to connect with them.     

This is a very personal process that will inform your path forward long after the training is over.

What makes this training unique is that you will:

Learn to access your Akashic Records over a 30 day period where you will become confident and well-versed in your own style of communicating with your guides and being able to access that information at will.

Learn a skill that you will use in your life and business forever.

Step into a personalized journey of spiritual development and discovery that will deepen your leadership, amplify your contribution in the world and strengthen your confidence and resolve in your relationship to yourself.

This experience is ideal for you IF:

You have already done spiritual development work.

You are comfortable following your intuition and trusting yourself with your inner knowing.

Added Benefits:

This is a highly transformative experience that will deepen your intuition, amplify your gifts, increase your ability to trust yourself, help you to grow your business sustainably and to feel more deeply connected to the Divine.

Training dates:  30 days (exact dates TBD based on our joint availability)    

The agenda and curriculum will be defined by your guides. 

We will likely have at least two training sections of 2-3 hours each on Zoom.  It may be more based on how your own guides choose to structure the training.  Plus, practice sessions where you increase your fluency in communicating with your guides and are giving new spiritual insights and exercises from your guides to support your spiritual growth.

There will be simple training materials and exercises so you practice and become versed in this skill and that will guide you through this journey. 

You will have full access to me via email and Voxer over the course of 30 days to ask questions, troubleshoot and to support you along the way so you feel confident and proficient in your ability to access your Records. 

Upon successful completion of the course requirements, you will receive your Certification for your Level 1 Training.

If you’re ready, feel free to register here:

Pay in Full

Two payments
(30 days apart)

Three payments
(30 days apart)

Got questions? Email me:
priscilla@priscillastephan.com. I’d be honoured to support you.   


P.S.:  Here’s the blog post I just wrote on how working with the Akashic Records changed me.

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