This program is designed to give you soul support “on tap” over one year so you step into your highest level of leadership, live your purpose and create your dream life and business with magic, ease and joy.

Using a combination of your Akashic Records and personalized 1-on-1 coaching, we focus on your top business goals and create lasting transformation and powerful momentum.

Every quarter in your Akashic Records we will laser in on your business needs shedding light where you need deeper clarity, release blocks holding you back and clear the path for your to live your purpose and dream life with greater ease.

This customized program is pure magic for your soul and business.

How do I know this program is for me?

  • You want a clear plan and focus for your business and you know that every now and again you get stuck and you need clarity on mapping out and monetizing on your latest project, or streamlining what’s next in your business and you want the clarity that comes from tapping into your soul’s inner guidance to get you there fast.
  • You want very targeted guidance on an “as needed basis” from your soul (Akashic Records) to achieve your goals.  This program is perfect for you whether you are already working with a coach and want that added “soul support” or you are flying solo and want this program as the “boost on retainer” to keep you building momentum.
  • You value on-going support that provides accountability to maintain a steady momentum and energy in business. You know having a soulful cheerleader, guide and partner in your journey serves you at the highest levels.

The Program consists of:

  • Four (4), 1 hour private sessions with 30 minute follow-up calls with Priscilla per quarter (coaching or Akashic Records Readings). More sessions can be added at a special rate as/if desired.
  • Bi-weekly accountability emails + Voxer office hours every week to keep you in action and building momentum

Your bonuses for the program:playbook

  • The Living the Dream Playbook
  • 3 abundance meditations to keep you in a high frequency so you create with more ease

The 3 areas an Akashic Record reading supports you:

  • Heightening your clarity around the direction of your business (or a brand new enterprise), and ways to align it with your soul’s purpose.
  • Getting you on the road to making your dreams happen – TODAY
  • Busting through the blocks that keep you playing small & stuck

The most beautiful part of all?

When you align with your soul’s purpose in business you profit and magic happens. Let’s make your dreams happen together.

Priscilla is a gifted guide and super savvy force of light. You could not find a better provider to take your successful business to the next level and into TOTAL alignment with your divine path and purpose.”
Lindsay Pera

Business Strategist & Mystic

One session in particular had an unbelievable result within just a couple of days – a $12,000 pay-in-full client! Also, Priscilla helped me rearrange parts of my program and get into an energetic alignment with it and bam! My next sales conversation was effortless, easy and the person was an ideal client for me. I know when I’m stuck on anything, a session with Priscilla gives me the clarity and confidence to move in the highest direction for my soul’s success.”
Angella Johnson

Soul Vision Strategies, West Jordan, UT

Investment: $3,500 +


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