Soul Profit Session – Increase your profits. amplify your impact

What if you could pinpoint with laser precision the profit leaks in your business and identify the exact steps to turn them into profit gold instead?

Every business has profits leaks.

No matter how diligent we are, we inevitably get caught working IN the business rather than ON the business. And those pesky leaks start to pile up.

In this 45-60 minute session, we systematically identify and correct the ways in which you are leaving thousands, if not even millions of dollars, on the table.

What would it be like to have a profit audit of your business in a clear, concise and accurate way that creates a powerful shift in how you run your business and in how you show up?

Would you be interested in learning more?

The Soul Profit Session was an inspired idea that immediately hit a spot with my clients and has become one of my most successful and certainly my most potent offering in years.

How does the session work?

The session is done in your Akashic Records and I channel the guidance from your guides (hence the soul part).

On average, we identify 6 core areas where there are profit leaks in your business and the exact energetic, strategic and money shifts required to turn these leaks into money gold.

Soul Profits Session – Stop Leaving Money on the Table

The core areas we examine include (but are not limited to):

 your core wound/belief holding you back from making more money and being more visible (mindset)

 your core zone of genius and how to step into that consistently with joy and ease in your business (your magic)

 opportunities to leverage and streamline your business model and offerings and so they are potent, cohesive and position you as an industry leader.

 mis-aligments in how you are not showing up energetically and in your branding and how to shift that

 strategic partnerships and collaborations to leverage your impact, income and visibility

And more.

The Soul Profit Session is a comprehensive and holistic profit audit of your business (including looking at how you are showing up in your business) in a soulful, potent and easy-to-understand way.

What would it be like to know that you are actually increasing your profits month-to-month while operating in your zones of genius and helping more people?

What are the Akashic Records? And how does the session work?

Your Akashic records, also called your soul’s records or “Book of Life”, are the complete documentation of everything you’ve experienced in every lifetime since your soul’s creation.

The Akashic Records are a sacred space of healing, truth and love, intended to help you align with your soul’s purpose, release blocks and patterns of self-sabotage, and create a life of bliss that aligns with who you truly, undeniably are.

BONUS: Clearing loop to be 100% you (a $47 value)

Investment: $250

All sales are non-refundable.

Here's what others have to say

I awoke this morning refreshed, focused and joyful to enter a world into possibility, positivity and profitability. Last night I experienced Priscilla Stephan’s Soul Profit Session and it was eye opening. She identified the key areas of my business that slowed me down, exhausted my energy and left me scattered with too many priorities. She quickly tapped into fast and easy ways to shift these energies, leaving me with a blueprint to transform my business, my work experience and my life, producing more flow, joy, ease and money. She truly has a gift to share and at the investment being offered I recommend you take advantage of it immediately. You too will awaken to an entirely new perspective and your own road-map to follow.

Debora J. McLaughlin, CEO, PCC

The Renegade Leader, Coaching & Consulting Group

I’ve known and worked with Priscilla for many years, and her sessions are always brilliant, but Soul Profit is literally magic! It’s straightforward, to the point, and gets to the core of creating more profit, which is helpful for everyone, but is especially helpful for business owners.

In 30 minutes, I received information I’m already implementing two days later that’s generated three deals. If you’re on the fence, go for it!

JB, Business Owner


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