For this next week only, I’m bringing back my 1 hour Akashic Business Readings to give you the clarity you need to move forward in your life and business at my lowest investment level.

Since the work I do with clients is deep and calls for longer-term containers, I stopped offering these one hour sessions. However, with so much changing in the world right now, I felt that these stand alone sessions could provide you with the bolt of clarity and courage to step into deeper alignment in your life.

During the session, we will dive deep into your Akashic Records to provide you with the clarity, context and spiritual guidance to navigate the personal, business and collective changes afoot and to live your best life.

The power of a session in the Akashic Records is that your soul guides illuminate the most optimal path forward for you that feels deeply nourishing, grounded and abundant. It allows you to fulfill your desires and to be fully YOU (i.e. what the world really needs right now).

These recorded sessions are purposefully designed so we have the freedom to address life, business and leadership questions that are top of mind for you.

We can get through a list of different questions or focus on a specific issue and get you the resolution and clarity you desire.

These are some of the outcomes you can focus on:

  • Clarify your business next steps and offerings
  • Dive deeper into what your leadership and contribution in business looks like
  • Revisit your vision and what it will take to create a sustainable path forward that supports both your well-being, impact and profit goals
  • Explore new revenue streams and how to optimize existing ones without adding more work to your plate
  • Envision new opportunities available that you haven’t yet imagined for yourself
  • Understand what’s unfolding for you spiritually right now and how to navigate challenging situations, people and emotions
  • Deepen into your self-trust, intuition and clear old hooks and energies that no longer support the person you are becoming.

Since I started working in my own Akashic Records in 2013, my life has felt more meaningful and alive thanks to the new insights, perspective shifts and opportunities shared by my soul guides. This is because the energy of the Akashic Records is deeply healing and shifting.

If this is a yes for you, here are the details and next steps (read carefully):

  • One session per person, unless you are purchasing one for yourself and one as a gift (in which case the limit is 2).
  • All sessions must be redeemed by September 30th, 2022.
  • You will receive a link to my online calendar to book your 1 hour session + 30 minute follow-up call upon payment.
  • This session is suited for entrepreneurs with an already established business foundation.
  • Note: These readings are meant to support you with your business, spiritual development and general life questions. I don’t touch upon specific health issues/diagnoses or romantic relationships in my readings because they are not my forte.
  • There are no refunds.

With clarity comes motion. Whether your life or business are calling for an overhaul, some tweaks or deeper alignment there is guidance to help you do that so it supports your deepest desires.

You can reserve your spot now and schedule your session by 9/30/22.

This offer expires on Friday, July 29th at midnight Pacific Time.

=> To book your session, click here.

To your sweet success,


P.S.: If you’re looking for support that’s greater than just one session, and you’re not sure how I can best support you right now, let’s explore what’s the best fit in a zero pressure conversation.

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