What would it be like to amplify the potency of your teams and groups with deeply transformational and curated leadership training and team-building?

I offer team-building consulting for:

1. Companies and Organizations

What would it look like for your teams to work more cohesively, joyfully and in their zones of genius so they work smarter and contribute to your mission?

When team members understand  their innate leadership gifts and also how they can bring out the best in their teammates, they work more efficiently, are more fulfilled, and you have incredible retention and morale. Everyone is on the same page and everyone knows how to best contribute.

Email: priscilla@priscillastephan.com to learn how to bring a Soulfluent Leadership Team-Building Roundtable to your company or organization.

2. Transformational Groups: Masterminds, Online Coaching Programs, Retreats

How would adding leadership training to your curated retreats and masterminds amplify the transformational value of your group experiences for your clients?

The Soulfluent Leadership Archetype work can be customized to your group so they deepen their understanding of the gifts they bring to the table as leaders, along with navigating the inner challenges holding them back from their next level of leadership and grow in a safe and curated experience of transformational growth.

Click below to discuss how we can create a CUSTOMIZED EXPERIENCE you are looking to create for your organization and support your clients in becoming more impactful leaders.

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