Are you ready to launch your next level of business growth and leadership with grace and confidence?

Dear visionary leader –

Your business is growing and you are ready to make a bigger impact.

You know that working more hours isn’t the answer to sustainable growth (been there, done that).

You crave a way of doing business that allows you to help more people that affords you greater time and financial freedom without burning out.

But how?

The answer is by focusing on YOU and how you will show up for your business as its CEO and how you lead and fulfill your vision.

What is the Edge Experience about?

It begins with a 2-day retreat that is dedicated to guiding you to create a bold shift in how you show up as the CEO in your business now and in doing so, you open up your next level of leadership with clarity and ease.

You will release old beliefs, patterns, and habits through uncovering and activating fierce clarity and confidence in your ability to lead your business to the next level your way.

Following this 2-day in-person retreat in gorgeous San Diego, you receive one month of support so you implement the breakthroughs and create momentum without having to do it by yourself.

Leading From Your Edge

The Edge Experience is a soulful and powerful space where you:

Refine and expand your business model that allows you and your business to thrive with ease, spaciousness and greater impact

Lead by example as a brilliant CEO who makes incredible profits while being soul-fulfilled

Work from your zones of genius and confidently delegate the rest

Empower your team of exceptional people who are excited to champion your vision (and hire a team of exceptional people if you don’t already have one)

Trust your own style of doing business and decision-making

Set new boundaries confidently so you can have time for everything in your life, including hobbies, family, and your soul expression.

Lean into your intuition and self-care practices to stay energized,focused, inspired, and fulfilled.

The Edge Experience is the space where the new you emerges and soars.

This is the place where you are:
Ready now. Prepared now. Going for it now.

“The time I spent working with Priscilla was nothing short of magical. 

While I hired Priscilla to help me hire a team that was energetically aligned with my values I got so much more. I not only found the perfect team, I was able to triple my rates and cross 6 figures, streamline my processes so I had more time in my personal life, and birthed a second business that has allowed me to grow in ways I never would have thought possible.

Priscilla’s practical insight combined with the work in the Akashic records is so powerful. She spoke right to my soul and the soul of my business.  I would not be where I am today without investing in coaching with Priscilla. I am now working less, making more AND helping more people.  How does it get any better?

Worth every penny. She is the best investment I have ever made in my business.”

Carolynn Bottino

All The Details Consulting and The Money Empowerment Project®

Step Into Your Soulfluent® Leadership

Soulfluent ™ is where you are clear about your vision and you fully trust your ability to create it with grace, authority and embodied confidence.

Who is this for?

The spiritual, mission-focused woman entrepreneur who finds herself in one of these two categories:

  1. Has an established foundation and is in an exciting growth phase in her business and finds herself butting up against her old self as she emerges into the new leader she is becoming; OR
  2. At capacity work-wise, and possibly on the verge of burnout and needs to expand beyond her current business model so she can help more people without losing her sanity, well-being or joy in the process.

Note: This is NOT for entrepreneurs in an early phase of business.

You know you are a leader and find yourself pondering things like:

“I want to grow, but if the models of ‘just charge more’ or ‘hire someone to fulfill the client work’ doesn’t resonate with you, how else do you grow without losing that connection you have with your brand and clients?”

“I really love my work but I also recognize I don’t have the systems or team in place to run things so I can travel or take real time off.”

“I would love to hire some help but don’t want to put the financial pressure on me or the business to make that happen. Will it really work? Or will I just need to work harder to keep that person on my team?”

“I love my business but don’t love the things I have to do every day to run the business. What things can I delegate without diluting my vision and commitment to providing high-quality service to my clients?”

If you have thought any (or all) of these things, hear this:

You are the solution you’ve been asking for.

As you navigate new territory, it is important to stay true to yourself.  Having the tools and mindset to navigate setbacks and naysayers makes all the difference.

Stepping into this new level of leadership will ask you to be a fierce steward of your vision and to dedicate to something greater than yourself.

This model of leadership is just emerging.

This means that there are many options out there. This also means that you may not see a lot of people modeling this because YOU are once again in the forefront.

You are setting the next wave of what’s possible.

Together at the Edge Experience, we are powerfully creating the space so you step into your next growth level and new way of being.

The Alchemy of Soul + Strategy: The Special Sauce

By combining the spiritual guidance from the Akashic Records with practical business strategy and grounding archetypal leadership skills, you get a comprehensive approach to doing business in alignment with your purpose, your strengths and your lifestyle and income goals.

Leader, lead the way.

Let’s open the door to your next level together to create your business in a way that fully supports you and your vision.

What you receive:

A 60-minute session in the Akashic Records before the retreat to deepen your understanding of your leadership style and strengths and to carve the aligned path for you to grow your business in this next phase.

The 2-day immersive Edge Experience in San Diego from 9:30 – 6pm on [DATE TBD, 2020.] 

The retreat includes:

Delicious and love-infused catered meals (breakfast and lunch both days)

Healthy snacks (of course, there’s going to be chocolate)

Welcome gift upon arrival

Celebration champagne toast

Self-care and introspection time

One month of 1:1 support with me after our immersive event to keep you in motion as the new you. This includes two private 1-hour sessions with me (coaching or in your Akashic Records for soul aligned momentum). This includes Voxer and email support so you implement the breakthroughs you’ll have.


The retreat schedule includes:

Experiential hands-on exercises to support you in embodying the new level CEO in you

Powerful mastermind time to connect with peers and receive expert input from other leaders

Focused “hot-seat” session for each person so you get dedicated time on the exact things you need to move forward with your vision

Quiet time to connect to your soul’s guidance to focus on your business and what’s next for you.


The retreat does NOT include:

Lodging, airfare or transportation to and from the Retreat location.

This is your opportunity to work ON your business and to set the tone for 2020 and beyond.

As you evolve, so will your business.

Check out the gorgeous home where we’ll be spending our two days together:
Will you be one of the three women joining us on this curated adventure?

To ensure this is the right fit for us both there is a very short application.

About your Host:

About PriscillaPriscilla Stephan is an Intuitive Business Strategist and Leading From Your Soul Facilitator. She helps her entrepreneurial clients, who are self-proclaimed rebels and visionaries, step into their next level of leadership so they create more impact and profit with ease while trusting themselves implicitly.

Priscilla’s holistic approach to success allows her clients to live their dream lifestyle while sharing their brilliance and embodying their purpose with joy and confidence.

What Are The Akashic Records?

Your Akashic Records, also called your soul’s records or “Book of Life,” is an ethereal library of everything you’ve experienced in every lifetime since your soul’s creation. This sacred space of healing and guidance allows you to create a deeper relationship between yourself and the Divine and supports you in aligning with your soul’s purpose and to release blocks and patterns of self-sabotage so you create a life of bliss that expresses who you truly, undeniably are.

To ensure this is the right fit for us both there is a very short application.

Here's what others have to say

Priscilla tapped into my soul to uncover what is already there and gave me permission to allow it to be fully expressed in my life was incredible, especially when it came to money.

Lisa Fraley

Legal Coach® and Attorney

Priscilla is a gifted guide and super savvy force of light and you could not find a better provider to take your successful business to the next level and into TOTAL alignment with your divine path and purpose.

Lindsay Pera

Business Strategist & Mystic

P.S.: Know an incredible woman entrepreneur in a growth phase in her business that would love to join us? Share this post with her and connect us:)

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