Happy New Year.

I am working on a channeled New Year’s message for you that I cannot wait to share later this week. It will be on video too but since I’ve been home sick, it is taking a little longer!

Until then, I wanted to share a really important distinction that I want to call your attention to.

It’s a new year and I truly want you to have a different experience in your business if it hasn’t felt as joyful and fulfilling as you’d liked.

Here is the flawed premise I see killing people’s spirits in business over and over again: I will sacrifice myself now in order to get (___ a desired result) later.

If I had a dime for every time I hear this.
I’m totally guilty of following this paradigm.

It’s a sure fire way to feel burned out, doubting your abilities as a business owner and to feel dissatisfied.

The shift is to make choices from a genuine desire to do something. Not for the perceived desired outcome of your actions.

You must be willing to give to yourself what you desire from a perceived external outcome BEFORE achieving the desired outcome.

This is what NOURISHMENT is really about.
This is about trust and choosing from a different energy (nourishing and abundant) vs lack and fear.

From a nourished energy:

  • you create offers that you are genuinely excited about and at prices that SATIATE and SATISFY you.
  • You say no without guilt because you know what your priorities and boundaries are.
  • You trust in a power greater than yourself and your #1 priority is in being in alignment with yourself energetically before you even touch your business or money-generating activities.
  • You get your sense of self-worth and identify from WITHIN, NOT from your business or any other external reference point.

And in my first reading of the year today this was the EXACT TOPIC.

If you find yourself putting way too much pressure on your business to make you money, to validate your sense of value and self-worth, to “save you” (ie everything will be better when I’m successful), I’d like to invite you to my Soul Nourished workshop next week.

It’s happening on Tuesday, January 8th from 10am – 12pm PACIFIC.

Soul Nourished: Lead a deeply fulfilling life

We will get you clear on your priorities, on what nourishment truly looks like in your life and business and who you are BEING in order to show up differently and so much more.

Let’s stop the insanity and create magic so you are nourished and soul-FULL in 2019.

The shift is in creating from the SOUL OUT. 🙂

The investment is $77.
Click here to register.

This is a very intimate setting with 5 participants total and there are 3 spots available still.

I can’t wait to play with you.

To your sweet success,


P.S.: You receive a bonus ebook an pdf and I will be opening the group Records for added support. Feel free to invite a friend to do the workshop with you.

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