What is Soulfluent® Leadership?

Soulfluent® (def.): living in the energy of the language of your soul.
Doing so allows you to be the fullest and natural expression of yourself in the work that you do.

How do you know what the energy of your soul is?
By uncovering your Soulfluent® Leadership Archetype which gives you the language to understand and to access parts of yourself at a much deeper level (aka soul level). This in turn allows you to embody and to apply this information to create anything you desire in life and business and to actualize your fullest potential.

What’s possible when you step into your Soulfluent® Leadership?

Make bold moves that shift the trajectory of your business without working harder.

Maximize your profits while creating a culture that works for everyone.

Grow your community and lead your movement to create the change you know is possible.

Create a legacy that fulfills your soul’s work and changes lives.

You do all of this while fully living your deepest fulfilling life without sacrificing your time, relationships or health.

What is Soulfluent® Leadership?

It’s identifying, accessing, and speaking the leadership language of your soul. Doing so allows you to be the fullest and most natural expression of yourself in your work and to lead organizations, businesses, groups, and yourself from an energy of high integrity and truth that magnetizes people and opportunities to you.

At its core, Soulfluent® Leadership is soul-led contribution that supports the greater good.

The Foundation of Soulfluent® Leadership

The foundation of Soulfluent® Leadership is a deeper connection with your truth and what really matters to you. You choose for you and listen to the voice of your soul as a primary guidance system vs external influences.

You stay grounded and clear while being deeply self-aware, including your egoic tendencies to support your personal agenda, bias, or drive to profit. When you are also aware of others and what’s possible for the greater good then you consciously make choices on how to incorporate a 360° win.

What’s a 360° win?

It’s where everyone benefits, including systems, structures, businesses, and the planet. Even being open to this mindset where everyone benefits, then actively creating that, is Soulfluent® Leadership.

Creating 360º wins is a core tenant of Soulfluent® Leadership.

Why Does Soulfluent® Leadership Matter to You Right Now?

There is a collective call to create a new normal. Not where the leader wins but everyone else loses. Old structures of traditional leadership that were hierarchical, exclusive, and ego-driven are now being asked to be replaced by new paradigms that are sustainable, holistic, inclusive, compassionate and where everyone – including the planet wins.

Change is afoot and we know that we are the catalysts for change. But it requires a new level of leadership within ourselves first, then a new level of leadership externally.

Our unique soul path for leadership and impact awaits us and the time is now to define what leadership ultimately means to each of us.

With Soulfluent® Leadership Archetypes, leaders deepen their understanding of their innate strengths as well as their personal bias and egoic urges, which allows them to lead more freely, bringing healing to their communities and companies and creating a new paradigm where everyone benefits.

Some of the deep inquiries that we have been contemplating:

How do I live my most meaningful life and still make a valuable contribution to the world?

How do I live my life fully and not damage the earth?

How do I grow my business and have everyone grow and succeed with me?

How to lead in unchartered territory and to navigate changes without a playbook?

How do I live my values among all of the challenges – personal and collective?

Where is the yes, AND – vs the either/or?

I know I’m here for more. How do I do that? And how do I do that without burning out, compromising, or harming others or the earth?

We know it’s time for a change, things have to change, and we have deep questions that are inviting us to lead ourselves first, then lead others.

Traditional Leadership vs Soulfluent® Leadership

Traditional leadership often tells people what to do based on antiquated models of external markers of success that often result in working harder, doing more, and following the rules.

This sometimes leads to burnout, being unfulfilled, and endlessly striving to get ahead at the expense of your joy and what matters most to you. It’s “me” focused and generates competition where someone always loses.

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The Soulfluent® Leadership Archetypes body of work supports leaders in staying grounded in their vision and primed to lead themselves and their organizations boldly into the future with confidence, courage, and sustainable growth while creating a 360 win for all.

What are Soulfluent® Leadership Archetypes?

The Soulfluent® Leadership Archetypes represent a set of energies, patterns, beliefs, and programming that is present in the collective unconscious. We each carry within us the potency of multiple archetypes at any given time and yet there is generally a dominant energy that’s present in our leadership style. When we understand the energy, we access keen insights on our personal strengths and shadows so we can create and lead more effectively.

Archetypes also show you your innate brilliance (ie superpowers) and how to apply them in every area of your life to create more of what you desire with more ease.

And when we understand ourselves better, we can do better.

Do you know which Leadership Archetype will grow your business with the greatest ease?

Ready to learn how other Soulfluent® Leaders are growing their business and legacy by embracing their Archetype?

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