What was the superpower that you related to most from your Leading From Your Soul Archetype?

As a Mystic, mine was acknowledging the power of my intuition and learning to use it and to trust it more than ever before. It’s been super fun and epic to hear what comes through so clearly just by inviting it and giving it space.

Knowing your superpower is incredibly important especially when you can acknowledge that you haven’t felt safe in using it.

Let me tell you a story of my client “Angelica.”

In a session with me she was told to amplify her Divine Feminine archetype powers. The Divine Feminine Archetype is all about using your feminine charm and energy to be a catalyst for change.

Angelica was both excited and scared.

Like many women, she learned not to trust her feminine energy early on.

In her past, she was criticized and scolded for dressing sensually, for using her potent intuition (magic!) and for getting her way with her natural charm and powers of seduction.

So she quickly learned to squelch her feminine energy and to mistrust it.

Her superpower became a liability.

So in turn, she stopped dressing the way she liked. She dimmed her light especially around men and then she stopped trusting herself around them and her overall intuition.

It created dis-ease in her body and a lot of confusion in her life because she was always suppressing her soul’s knowing and fearing that it would get her into MORE TROUBLE.

When we worked on this together, we cleared the blocks from her past and discussed fun and juicy ways that she could invite her inner TEMPTRESS and GODDESS to come out and play and to feel safe in doing so.

As a result, she has a deeper relationship to her body, she is having fun connecting to her intuition and has gone shopping for some new outfits that make her feel beautiful, feminine and so alive!

So what superpower have you suppressed that if you unleashed it, would create magic in the world?  Or which ones have you uncovered that you can amplify?

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