Activated VIP Day

This  VIP day is designed to ignite a fire in your business and give it a soulful makeover so it aligns with your gifts and your purpose. This means you’ll connect with more people, attract your ideal clients and  enjoy more ease, joy and profits in your pocket.

When you align your business with your soul, you prosper.

This burst of clarity and momentum will support you in…

  • Getting aligned with what lights you up and the actions you can take to access more of that fire within you
  • Map out your ideal lifestyle so you create a business that works around your ideal lifestyle
  • A marketing plan that coincides with your soul’s purpose

What you can expect to walk away with:

  • A Brand Message that is completely you as well as ideas on how to share it with your ideal clients
  • Your Marketing Strategy which includes your business offerings, pricing and strategies that will support you in creating a profitable and soulful business sharing your gifts.
  • A Lifestyle Map that allows you to create a business you love around what matters to you most.
  • A Strong Mindset for success which includes your money beliefs and visibility blocks so can feel confident in being seen, speaking your Truth and owning your value.

The Virtual VIP Day consists of:

  • Your customized Business Action Plan channeled in your Akashic Records and emailed to you prior to your session, so you can review and formulate questions.
  • A 3 hour virtual session with Priscilla where we review the Soul Marketing Plan for your business outlined in your Akashic Records, dive deeper into your next steps and give you crystal clarity so you are excited and ready to build momentum to grow your business.
  • Two, (2), 30 minute Akashic Records Reading within a month of your VIP day to keep you in action.
  • Email support to celebrate your successes and to swiftly move you through any resistance and blocks that come up for 30 days after your virtual session with me.

The Akashic Records

The Akashic Records is your Soul Blueprint, your Divine essence. In your Records is your unique path to full expression in this world, including with your money, health, business and relationships.  I invite you to experience this gift and bring your business questions to this sacred space. Don’t be surprised if the answers that come through for you impact every single area of your life because everything is connected. If you’re ready to play full out, let’s get started!


Kathryn Rogers, CEO of Vivacious Dish

Priscilla’s truly been a complete game changer in my business.

Aside from getting an incredible marketing plan that’s authentic and aligned with my soul’s purpose, I also gained more confidence than I ever have before.

Now I have a clearer understanding of how I can best give value to my ideal clients, am launching new offerings I am really excited about and feel really good about my future! If you are looking to really discover how to integrate your unique skills into your business and to take your whole life and business to the next level, I could not recommend Priscilla enough. It’s called VIP for a reason; a true five star experience.

Flor Tejada

Co-Founder, NextRound Productions, LLC, New York, NY

Within three months of working with Priscilla, my top 3 passion projects shifted from the back burner to the front. I’m now attracting the opportunities, meetings, and partnerships to support my new book as well as my unscripted and scripted TV projects.  Priscilla was a masterful guide and I highly recommend working with her!

Lisa Steadman

Bestselling Author & Branding Expert, Los Angeles, CA


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