90 Minute
Akashic Business Intensive

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You’re on the brink of your big break – you know it. Your next program, your next offering, your next session or launch – it’s on the tip of your tongue. You know it’s there, you’re just struggling to name it. That’s where the 90 minute Business Intensive comes in!

divider-starWho Is This For?

An Intuitive Business Intensive is for the woman business owner who is ready to receive guidance and clarity in her purpose-driven business. This Intensive supports you in creating a soulful business that aligns with your gifts and in living an abundant and joyful life.  This experience is for you if you take 100% responsibility for your life and your results. 

Whether your life or business are calling for an overhaul, some tweaks or deeper alignment there is guidance to help you do that so it supports your deepest desires.

This Intensive is not for someone who:

  • does not yet have a business or is unclear on what kind of business to create
  • is looking for a life purpose or soul origin reading
  • expects a magic pill

90 minute Akashic Business Intensive
Investment: $555


All sales are non-refundable

    divider-starWhat are the Akashic Records?

    The Akashic Records is the record of your soul’s blueprint. Everything you’ve experienced since the creation of your soul has been documented in your records – your soul’s records. Your records contain the unique path to your fullest expression in this world, including with your health, career, relationships and more.

    divider-starThe power of a session in your Akashic Records

    During your session, your soul guides illuminate the most optimal path forward for you that feels deeply nourishing, grounded and abundant. It allows you to fulfill your desires and to be fully YOU, i.e. what the world really needs right now.

    Working in your Akashic Records provides you with the clarity, context and spiritual guidance to navigate the personal, business and collective changes afoot and to live your best life.

    These recorded sessions are purposefully designed so we have the freedom to address life, business and leadership questions that are top of mind for you.

    divider-starWhat are some of the outcomes and questions we can focus on?

    We can get through a list of different questions or focus on a specific issue and get you the resolution and clarity you desire.

    These are some of the outcomes you can focus on:

    • Clarify your business next steps and offerings
    • Explore what your leadership and contribution in business looks like
    • Revisit your vision and what it will take to create a sustainable path forward that supports both your well-being, impact and profit goals
    • Explore new revenue streams and how to optimize existing ones without adding more work to your plate
    • Envision new opportunities available that you haven’t yet imagined for yourself
    • Discuss new hires/fires, your marketing and business model and other tangible business decisions.
    • Understand what’s unfolding for you spiritually right now and how to navigate challenging situations, people and emotions
    • Reframe old beliefs and narratives holding you back from stepping into the leader you are becoming.
    divider-starHow Is A Session Done?

    Your 90 minute Akashic Business Intensive consists of two parts.

    Part 1: A 90 minute session in your Akashic Records.

    Part 2: A 30 minute follow-up call 2 weeks after your Reading. This call is great to ask clarifying questions on what was shared in your first session and for me to support you in moving through any resistance or misunderstandings that would stop you from staying in action and creating momentum from your Intensive.

    All calls are recorded and totally confidential.

    divider-starAfter your sessions you will receive:
    • A video recording
    • A written transcript of the session
    • An AI summary of the main points discussed.
    My Story with the Akashic Recordsdivider-star

    Eight years ago, my life was profoundly changed when I started working with an Akashic Records Consultant. I had tried everything and still felt stuck. I knew I needed to do deep transformation work – at the SOUL LEVEL. After 25 years of yo-yo dieting and 3 career changes, I healed my body story, I found my soul’s purpose and I’m joyfully and blissfully living it daily.

    And I’m excited to support you in creating the business and life that truly makes your soul sing.


    “The Akashic Record reading I received through Priscilla was more than amazing…it was magical! She brought truths and confirmations that made me feel the wholeness of what I was born to radiate. The guides I could feel were full of so much they wanted to share and Priscilla was such a great channel to allow not just their wisdom but the magical feelings they released. I feel more than blessed and so excited to step more into who I really am. Thank you for giving me my wings and sparkle back Priscilla! I so hope anyone considering having a reading with you moves on that energy of gifting themselves as it will be just that…’A gift’!!”
    Bonnie Kutter

    Eaton, CO

    I had an extremely powerful Akashic Records reading with Priscilla.  She provided so much clarity and guidance on the strategies that will support my personal and professional growth in the new year.  What differentiates Priscilla from other readers is that she beautifully weaves her own helpful insights into her sessions in a way that I have never experienced before. She is also extremely intuitive and I love her nurturing, grounded energy. I would recommend Priscilla to self- aware, heart-centered entrepreneurs who are at a crossroads in their business and are looking for Divine guidance and clarity on where to go next with a warm, compassionate guide by their side. 
    Stacy Michelle

    The Go-To Numbers Chick for Heart-Centered Biz Owners

    “Having Priscilla read my Akashic Records was a deeply impactful and wonderful experience.  She was able to show me the areas in my life where I had blind spots and/or resistance that were costing me joy and income.  She was very specific in her advice to help me create breakthroughs and have more success – especially in my business.

    My reading a couple of weeks ago has already directly translated into attracting new business that is worth at least 10 times the price of the session.  Priscilla delivers the messages powerfully with a perfect balance of love, knowledge and strength.  I would recommend that everyone experience an Akashic Records session with Priscilla!”

    Julie Rose

    Celebrity Reader & Manifesting Coach, Los Angeles, CA

    Investment: $555


    All sales are non-refundable

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