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Normally I work with service-based providers such as coaches, consultants, attorneys, real estate agents and bookkeepers for 6 months to completely overhaul their business model to incorporate educational offers/products, as well as to align with the lifestyle and income goals they want in this next phase of their life and business. However, I have a special offer that is just one, 2.5 hour intensive planning/visioning session where we work out what you want your life and your biz model to look like and identify the key immediate steps that need to be addressed to clear the way for your vision to come to life now.

Dream Vision + Mapping Intensive

Map out the exact next steps in life and in business so you take action to create it.

During the 2.5 hour session we will:

(C.A.M:  Clarify – Assess & Map out your next steps in alignment with your Leadership Archetype).

  • Clarify the vision in detail for your life and business starting with what you truly want and what that looks and feels like.
  • Identify the immediate issues that need to be addressed so you have the time, emotional capacity and mental space to focus on your bigger vision. This may look like deciding whether to stay in your current business or to leave, drafting bullet points to have a conversation with a partner/team-member, exploring tweaks to your current business model that can free up your time such as making simple but profitable tweaks to your pricing structure without compromising your income; identifying any technical/financial considerations that need to be addressed so you can move forward without compromising past commitments; deciding if you need to hire/fire someone right away; assessing any financial costs involved in your next steps, and blocking time on your calendar to execute your action plan.
  • Map out the immediate next steps including any support you may need (strategic, team, emotional), to take action, calculate the costs involved and anchor in your WHY for what’s next so you stay committed, energized and excited to stay in action.

And then we look at how to create this entire vision in alignment with the type of CEO and Leader you really are (ie in alignment with your Leadership Archetypes).

This offer includes:

One 2.5 virtual session via Zoom, pre-work before the Intensive, plus one, 30 minute follow-up call (2-4 weeks after the Intensive) to clarify any lingering topics.

All this work is done in conjunction with your Akashic Records (i.e. your soul guides) who will illuminate the most streamlined and effective approach to creating your dreams in a way that’s deeply fulfilling, expansive and keeps you true to yourself and to your vision.

In order to qualify for this offer you must:

  1. Be resourceful, intuitive, a get-it-done person and a hard worker (also part of the problem)
  2. Be open to a spiritual as well as a strategic and practical approach to sustainably growing your business.
  3. Be willing to no longer be the bottleneck in your business and to move through old patterns and habits (such as people pleasing, not wanting to disappoint others, telling yourself you can just keep pushing through, delaying the inevitable, betraying yourself) and to step into the business and lifestyle you truly desire.

The price for this offer is a no-brainer low four-figure investment. Normally it is a low five-figure investment to work with me for 6 months to completely transform your business but in this Intensive, you get the benefits of taking focused action on the immediate next steps (especially the uncomfortable ones you’ve been procrastinating on) so you are on your way to having a business that no longer feels cumbersome, working the same or fewer hours per week and working only with clients you enjoy.

Past client results have clarified their vision quickly, mapped out their immediate next steps and made key decisions that opened up the space for them to focus on their bigger vision for their life and business faster than they had envisioned possible.

Priscilla is a gifted guide and super savvy force of light. You could not find a better provider to take your successful business to the next level and into TOTAL alignment with your divine path and purpose.”
Lindsay Pera

Business Strategist & Mystic

If interested in this offer, message me (link below) and
we’ll have a quick chat to discuss pricing and to see if it’s a fit for you.

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