What if you could dedicate time to that one thing you know will shift your business the most?

But do you know what that one area of your business is that will create the biggest shift?

For many established business owners, they are so focused on maintaining what they’ve worked so hard to build, that they don’t see the simple shifts they can make to grow their business without working harder.

You are invited to The Soulfluent™ Leadership RoundTable, which is designed to give you strategic and soul guidance to step into your highest level of leadership, so you grow your business with more ease, joy and magic and help more people.

Using a combination of your Akashic Records* and personalized 1-on-1 coaching, we focus on your top business goal and map out a plan of action to build powerful momentum.

While the Roundtables are ideal for women who already have an established business and are looking for clarity on fleshing out that next step/project/idea to create more consistent income, greater visibility and impact, it’s also for the woman who already IS experienced in her field and is trying to figure out what her next step is to start her own business.

It’s your time to lead with more clarity, confidence and courage.

How Does the Soulfluent™ Leadership Roundtable work?

This is limited to six soul-driven women and is ideal for you if you want to:

Discover and deepen your primary Soulfluent™ Leadership archetype and how to use it to scale your business

Focus on your top business goal or challenge and leave with a tangible solution

Connect with other leaders and receive valuable feedback

Deepen your understanding of your personal leadership style and any unconscious patterns/habits that may be getting in the way of reaching your business growth.

Have you wondered what scaling your business with soul actually looks and feels like?

And more importantly, HOW to do it?

If so, you’re in the right place.

What the Roundtable consists of and the flow:

Before the Roundtable: We start with pre-work where you receive, a few days before the Roundtable, via email the dominant Leadership Archetype that will move your business vision forward next and guidance to help you to contemplate what leadership means to you, your values and more.

During the Roundtable: After introductions, you receive a group transmission in the Akashic Records to give context and insight on your leadership path.

Individual hot seats (usually 15-20 minutes long) where you received guidance from the Akashic Records to move our business project forward with actionable detail. Then you receive insightful feedback from the other participants.

A 30 minute get-it-done session where you start to put into motion the next steps of your project (for example: writing an outline for a new course, mapping out your pipeline, writing copy for a new sales page).

Wrap up and reflections

Private 1 hour coaching session with me one week after the Roundtable so we can flesh out even more details of your project, dive deeper into how your Leadership Archetype can support your business growth and get you building momentum on your project.

Who is the Roundtable FOR?

The Roundtable is perfect for service-based professionals such as, but not limited to,  consultants, coaches, body and energy workers, real estate agents, bookkeepers, accountants and attorneys who want to map out the next step of their business growth in a way that’s profitable, soul-satisfying and that supports the greater good – by working smarter, not harder.

You’ve been in business for at least 3 years

You’ve achieved results in your sales and marketing even if you’d want them to be better

You’re actively working to scale and leverage your business without imploding what you’ve already built and without losing that soulful essence of your business

You’re looking for what’s next. Sure, business is good (you may even be a bit confused about why you are looking for more), but you can sense there is something more and a better way that’s calling to you even if you’ve only captured the glimpses of it so far

You know that your next level of growth is about who you are BEing and not about doing more and piling more onto your to-do list.

What you will walk away with:

The top way to integrate your Soulfluent™ Leadership Archetype to grow your business

Validation of the direction you are headed in your business so you start implementing your new money-making project or offering versus trying to figure it out

A customized and practical roadmap of what to implement next in your business to grow your revenue and impact

Clarity on your core values and the qualities you want to exhibit as a leader

Practical insights on how to create stronger boundaries with your clients, colleagues and team members

Learn how to apply your Archetype’s top superpowers in your marketing, messaging and day-to-day business activities.

What are the types of projects that past participants have worked on during the Roundtable?

Creating an entry-level paid offer for their clients to get a mini-experience of their work such as a workshop or a Roundtable similar to mine.

Reconfiguring their pipeline of offers and their pricing to match their ideal client’s point of entry to work with them.

Starting a brand new membership community and enrolling new clients

Fortifying the message for their website, branding and marketing so it’s in alignment with their Soulfluent™ Leadership Archetype.

Taking an existing in-person workshop and translating it into a virtual model that reaches a global audience.

Getting unstuck on one aspect of a new offer and how to position and structure it and then being able to launch it with confidence and in alignment with their Archetype.

Participants deepen their confidence and grow their visibility as a result of positioning their work and message in a way they feel good about and simplify their marketing so it actually gets done consistently and is resonant with their ideal audience.

BONUS:  The Soulfluent™ Leadership Archetype Business Guide: The Keys to Alchemize your Strengths into Gold.

Imagine giving your copywriter, brand strategist, business coach, social media manager or graphic designer a manual on how to do their job in total alignment with your Leadership Archetype?
This rich 50 page document provides insight and direction on how to grow all core aspects of your business including: branding, marketing, manifesting, your business model, team-building and your leadership mindset and is only available to my clients.

Next Soulfluent™ Leadership Roundtable Dates:

This is a half-day immersive experience to dive deep into the edge of your leadership and business growth. The Roundtable is conducted in the Akashic Records*. There will be breaks throughout.

Friday, October 9th

10am – 2pm Pacific


Sales are non-refundable if you have purchased a Soulfluent™ Leadership Roundtable or other limited meeting space (making it unavailable to someone else), or if Soulfluent™ services have been rendered.

What they are saying…

“The Roundtable was the perfect place to land on the next steps for my business and to be reminded to lead from my intuition and my visionary archetype’s strengths. I deeply resonated with the group message from the Akashic Records that Priscilla gave us reassuring me of my own pacing and timeline. Finally, I loved masterminding with the amazing women in the group who gave me real-time feedback on my offerings. We had a great time sharing insights, stories and supportive ideas for one another. I highly recommend the Roundtable to any soulful woman entrepreneur looking to grow her business!”

Rebecca Massoud

Speaker Coach for Soulful Women Entrepreneurs & Creator of Speak Shine Sell

“Since uncovering my Soulfluent™ Leadership Archetypes, I’ve recognized where my power comes from as a leader and how I can better lead with my team and my clients. This has made a big difference in how I approach my business. Before I felt I was  serving my clients and now I feel that I’m leading my clients and helping them understand their business instead of checking off a list of what I need to do for them.”

Carolynn Bottino

Founder, Money Empowerment Project®

“Priscilla attracted an amazing group of women to the Roundtable so much so that we felt like we were sisters already.  We were held in an incredibly safe space where we could be vulnerable and open to share our dreams.  Priscilla is a soft, empowering, clear and deeply intuitive leader whose presence catalyzes healing. I left the Roundtable clear, transformed and excited with the next steps for my business.”

Danielle Hougard

Love and Intimacy Mentor

“How do I double my income WITHOUT working harder ?” was the question that brought me to the Roundtable. And I received so much more.

When Priscilla helped to identify my primary archetype, it was like this warm embrace to step into what I’ve always known, but just wasn’t clear about how.

The roundtable delivered crystal clarity on my next steps and I easily see how this project will not only double my income, but the growth plan that I’ve mapped out is exponential growth very quickly. What’s even better is I was resisting this kind of growth because I didn’t see the HOW – before it felt like a lot of work and I didn’t want to recover from another adrenal burnout in my life. But after the Roundtable, I see how with a minimal team, plenty of time freedom, and total focus on what really matters to me, it’s all coming together. I’ve never been so excited to move forward on a project!

And a big chunk of clarity and pull to move forward with this idea I’ve had for a while now came from the sacred space that Priscilla creates. Not to mention, you’re in a circle with incredible other women who are up to big things in the world and that felt amazing.”

Angella Johnson

Artist, Writer and creator of The Collective for Creators and the Intuitive Marketing Matrix

Tara Preston

Feminine Prosperity Mentor & Akashic Teacher

*What Are The Akashic Records?

Your Akashic Records, also called your soul’s records or “Book of Life”, is a library of everything you’ve experienced in every lifetime since your soul’s creation. This sacred space of healing, Truth and Love allows you to create a deeper relationship between yourself and the Divine and supports you in aligning with your soul’s purpose and to release blocks and patterns of self-sabotage so you create a life of bliss that expresses who you truly, undeniably are.

Do you have a team you’d like to take through the Roundtable?

When team members understand not only their innate leadership gifts but also how they can bring out the best in their teammates, they work more efficiently, have more joy and can appreciate what each other brings to the table and support the greater company vision more seamlessly.

The Soulfluent™ Leadership Archetype work can be customized to your group so they deepen their understanding of the gifts they bring to the table as leaders, along with navigating the inner challenges holding them back from their next level of leadership and grow in a safe and curated experience of transformational growth.

Email: priscilla@priscillastephan.com to learn how to bring a Soulfluent™ Leadership Team-Building Roundtable to your company or organization.

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