Soul Legacy and Leadership Private Coaching Program

In one deep, soulful sentence: this program is designed to support you in taking bold, powerful action toward dreams that align with your soul’s purpose and that create massive results in your business.

Soul Legacy and Leadership Private Coaching Program is available for 6 months.

Using a combination of your Akashic Records and personalized 1-on-1 coaching, we focus on your top business goals and create deep, lasting transformation.

We map out your clear vision and lifestyle and do the deeper work to uncover your blocks and limiting beliefs that have been keeping you stuck from building your dream business and lifestyle. From there we’ll explore ways to get you in consistent action so you create the life, business and lifestyle of your dreams.

This customized program is pure magic for your soul and business.

How do I know this program is for me?

  • You’re on the verge of your next big expansion. You’re ready to take your business to new heights and to gain clarity on your vision and the exact next steps to get there with more ease so you scale, grow and live your purpose without burning out.
  • You know that honing your CEO, Leadership and Money Mindsets will allow you to impact more people, be more fulfilled and to continue to change the world.  
  • You want to lead from your strengths and embody your natural leadership style so leading in business becomes more fun. By identifying and living in alignment with your Leading from your Soul Archetypes you will step into your next business vision with ease.
  • You’re ready to thrive past your upper limit. You know that if you could move past your blocks and fears, that plateau feeling would vanish. You know life begins outside your comfort zone, and you’re ready!
  • You value on-going support that provides accountability to maintain a steady momentum and energy in business. You know having a soulful cheerleader, guide and partner in your journey serves you at the highest levels.

You probably have a few questions still – the who, what, when and how. Take my hand and let me tell you more about it.

What does the program include?

1. A VIP Day designed to ignite a fire in your business and to carve out your soul’s unique path to building a profitable and joyful business that expresses your purpose and unique gifts.

You receive a written 6-12 month channeled marketing plan in your Akashic Records* which maps out the exact next steps for your business growth in a soul-aligned way.

The marketing plan goes over very detailed aspects of your business including but not limited to: your marketing message, exact programs, offerings and pricing, your target market, your ideal business model and much, much more.  This practical and actionable document is a soul road map that clients refer back to over and over again for guidance and direction.

Upon receiving your channeled soul marketing plan to review ahead of time, we will spend 90 minutes together in your Akashic Records to dive deeper into creating your soulful business and building the momentum, impact and legacy you desire..

2. Twelve (12), 1 hour coaching calls or intuitive business readings

3. Email and Voxer App access to me

1. Two (2), 1 hour content creation sessions in your Akashic Records ($1,500 value)

Do you get stumped when you have to write content for your business?  Most of my clients do.

These customized sessions are designed to create specific content for your business so you get into action and help more people instead of worrying over getting the “right words onto the page”.

Examples include:
• copy for a sales page or new program offering (like a retreat)
• website copy (home, about page, offerings etc..)
• new opt-in freebie
• your signature talk
• new branding (or re-branding) project specifics
• more

2. A 90 minute Leading From Your Soul Archetype Activation Session that will illuminate your unique soul’s path to leading powerfully and to leaving your legacy in the world with grace, impact and joy.

The 3 areas an Akashic Record reading supports you:

  • Heightening your clarity around the direction of your business (or a brand new enterprise), and ways to align it with your soul’s purpose.
  • Getting you on the road to making your dreams happen – TODAY
  • Busting through the blocks that keep you playing small & stuck

The most beautiful part of all?

When you align with your soul’s purpose in business you profit and magic happens. Let’s make your dreams happen together.

Priscilla clearly brought to light my life purpose, and its expression.  Priscilla was so spot on I was surprised at the wealth of information she had concerning my deep desires and work on this planet in the past and present. My shifts are occurring in many areas of my life since the reading including relationships, business and health.  This is so worth the gift to yourself.” Veronica Cole

Spiritual Teacher & Coach, NY, NY

One session in particular had an unbelievable result within just a couple of days – a $12,000 pay-in-full client! Also, Priscilla helped me rearrange parts of my program and get into an energetic alignment with it and bam! My next sales conversation was effortless, easy and the person was an ideal client for me. I know when I’m stuck on anything, a session with Priscilla gives me the clarity and confidence to move in the highest direction for my soul’s success.” Angella Johnson

Soul Vision Strategies, West Jordan, UT

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