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I have a great offer for service-based professionals such as coaches, consultants, attorneys, real estate agents and bookkeepers, who are maxed out with 1:1 work, and want to maximize their income, and to simplify their business and help a smaller but more ideal and profitable client base so they can get some of their time back and live a more spacious lifestyle.

We work together 1:1 for 6 months on the following things:

  1. Clarify in detail the vision for your ideal lifestyle and legacy starting with your lifestyle and income goals and refining what your ideal work calendar looks like and exploring all the pieces of the vision and what the vision feels like.
  2. Reconfigure and streamline your suite of offerings, delivery and pricing in order to align with your ideal client, lifestyle and income goals.
  3. This could also look like creating or expanding the transformational/legacy arm of your business, if this is part of your vision, by putting that flagship course/ book/ workshop/ training series into the world in a way that is soul-satisfying, lucrative and spacious.
  4. Map out a marketing plan of action that includes identifying what marketing assets need to be in place to pre-sell leads into your offerings, assessing any content gaps in the pipeline that need to be filled (such as content for a masterclass, a speaker sheet, new workshop/webinar, website copy etc.). The plan will encompass every aspect of the business and contain a timeline and action plan so you know what to do when and what tasks to delegate and to whom.
  5. Team-building: Identify what support the business needs in all areas (administrative, technology, finances, social media, marketing etc), map out the timeframe for those new hires (or fires) and clarify the key qualifications they need to have.  This can include writing specific job descriptions so you are clear on who you are hiring and when and the cost involved.  As a result, you are excited to onboard (or let go) of the people that will support the business moving forward. Plus you receive the emotional support and guidance to take these bold steps and to follow through.

And then we look at how to create this entire vision in alignment with the type of CEO and Leader you really are (ie in alignment with your Soulfluent® Leadership Archetypes).

All this work is done in conjunction with your Akashic Records (i.e. your soul guides) who illuminate the most satisfying and holistic approach to creating your dreams. As a result, you feel a deep soul connection to your work and unshakable certainty that you are on the right path and living your purpose without compromising your income, vision or health.

This offer includes:

Two (2) semi-monthly coaching calls, pre-work before calls, access to my resource library plus email and Voxer access.

In order to qualify for this offer you must:

  • Be resourceful, intuitive, a get-it-done person and a hard worker (also part of the problem)
  • Be open to a spiritual as well as a strategic and practical approach to sustainably growing your business.
  • Be past the six-figure threshold
  • Be willing to no longer be the bottleneck in your business and to move through old patterns and habits (such as people pleasing, not wanting to disappoint others, telling yourself you can just keep pushing through, delaying the inevitable, betraying yourself) and to step into the business and lifestyle you truly desire.

The monthly investment for this offer ranges between $1,500 – $2,500/month based on your phase of business. Clients can expect to maximize their monthly income by working the same or fewer hours per week, having a business that no longer feels cumbersome, working only with clients they enjoy at premium rates and having the satisfaction and peace of mind that comes from living a life they love without sacrificing what matters most to them.

Past client results have included: tripling their rates and cutting their work hours by up to 20% a week, starting and successfully growing the educational/transformational arm of their business, hiring new part-time or full-time staff and fully stepping into being the CEO of their business and focusing solely on what they do best.


If interested in this offer, message me and we’ll have
a quick chat to discuss pricing and to see if it’s a fit for you.
“The time I spent working with Priscilla in her 6 month program was nothing short of magical.
While I hired Priscilla to help me hire a team that was energetically aligned with my values I got so much more. I not only found the perfect team, I was able to significantly increase my rates and overall income, streamline my processes so I had more time in my personal life, and birthed a second business that has allowed me to grow in ways I never would have thought possible. 
Priscilla’s practical insight combined with the work in the Akashic records is so powerful. She spoke right to my soul and the soul of my business. I would not be where I am today without investing in coaching with Priscilla. I am now working less, making more AND helping more people. How does it get any better?
Worth every penny. She is the best investment I have ever made in my business.”
Carolynn Bottino

All The Details Consulting and The Money Empowerment Project®

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