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Has my expert advice or coaching helped you in any way? The best way to encourage other women about what’s possible when it comes to making life-altering shifts in their life and business is to share your transformation, so if you’re willing to share your success story, know that you will be helping to change the lives of so many women.

Stumped about what to write? No worries. Below you will find some fill in the blank questions to guide you in writing your testimonial. Don’t worry about completing all of them or giving the “perfect answer.” Just respond to the questions that truly resonate with you, be as open and honest as possible, and have fun sharing your experience! Preferably, I’d love if you can include a headshot of your beautiful smiling face, but it’s not a requirement. And if you’re not big on writing like me, feel free to record and submit a brief video or audio testimonial instead.

Your words of support are like solid gold for my business and the hundreds of women I support.


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    As our session(s) came to a close, did you feel clear & complete? Or were there any topics we could’ve explored, more deeply?

    6. Right now, in this moment: what’s next in your life? What are some things that have now opened up for that you may not have quite been able to fully focus on prior to getting support from me?

    And last but not least: if a fabulous friend, family member or colleague said to you, “So, how did your coaching go with Priscilla? Should I reach out to her?” — what would you tell them?

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