In their own words….

“The time I spent working with Priscilla was nothing short of magical.
While I hired Priscilla to help me hire a team that was energetically aligned with my values I got so much more. I not only found the perfect team, I was able to significantly increase my rates and overall income, streamline my processes so I had more time in my personal life, and birthed a second business that has allowed me to grow in ways I never would have thought possible. 
Priscilla’s practical insight combined with the work in the Akashic records is so powerful. She spoke right to my soul and the soul of my business. I would not be where I am today without investing in coaching with Priscilla. I am now working less, making more AND helping more people. How does it get any better?
Worth every penny. She is the best investment I have ever made in my business.”
Carolynn Bottino

All The Details Consulting and The Money Empowerment Project

Priscilla tapped into my soul to uncover what is already there and gave me permission to allow it to be fully expressed in my life was incredible, especially when it came to money.

Lisa Fraley

Legal Coach® and Attorney

Listen how Carolynn and Kathryn grew their businesses while living more, doing less and being fully in alignment with their soul’s purpose (11 minutes).

“In my Akashic Records session with Priscilla, we dialed in to one of my passion projects for clarity and guidance. Three months later, that passion project is a TV pilot, book proposal, and generating some serious excitement for me and my brandPriscilla was a masterful guide and I highly recommend working with her!”

Lisa Steadman

Bestselling Author & Branding Expert – Los Angeles, CA

You truly are gifted at what you do, and really just get to the heart of the matter, in such a gentle yet direct manner. Plus, you are so generous with the questions you answer and I cannot recommend your services enough. Thank you, Priscilla!

Beth Millman

Executive, Los Angeles, CA

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