In their own words….

“The time I spent working with Priscilla was nothing short of magical.  
While I hired Priscilla to help me hire a team that was energetically aligned with my values I got so much more. I not only found the perfect team, I was able to triple my rates and cross 6 figures, streamline my processes so I had more time in my personal life, and birthed a second business that has allowed me to grow in ways I never would have thought possible. 
Priscilla’s practical insight combined with the work in the Akashic records is so powerful. She spoke right to my soul and the soul of my business.  I would not be where I am today without investing in coaching with Priscilla. I am now working less, making more AND helping more people.  How does it get any better?  
Worth every penny. She is the best investment I have ever made in my business.”
Carolynn Bottino

All The Details Consulting and The Money Empowerment Project

Priscilla tapped into my soul to uncover what is already there and gave me permission to allow it to be fully expressed in my life was incredible, especially when it came to money.

Lisa Fraley

Legal Coach® and Attorney

Listen how Carolynn and Kathryn grew their businesses while living more, doing less and being fully in alignment with their soul’s purpose (11 minutes).


“Since the reading with Priscilla, I’ve felt much clearer on the questions I brought to the call, and a much greater feeling of ease in making the decisions I need to make. Clearer, smoother, and more concrete. Thank you, Priscilla!”

Nisha Moodley


“In my Akashic Records session with Priscilla, we dialed in to one of my passion projects for clarity and guidance. Three months later, that passion project is a TV pilot, book proposal, and generating some serious excitement for me and my brandPriscilla was a masterful guide and I highly recommend working with her!”

Lisa Steadman

Bestselling Author & Branding Expert – Los Angeles, CA

Within weeks of the Akashic Records reading, I found myself taking bold actions such as stopping the work that wasn’t in alignment with me anymore and launching a business program that was a big success and rocked my confidence.  

Laura Yamin

Lifestyle Coach & Blogger – Hoboken, New Jersey

Since working with Priscilla, I’ve had extreme breakthroughs in being able to express my feelings from a truthful place of feminine energy which I wasn’t comfortable in doing before. It’s healed something inside of me and for that I am eternally grateful.”

Leora Edut

Founder of Goddess On The Go - New York, NY


“When I contacted Priscilla, I was feeling overwhelmed with all the decisions I had taken during the year. I wanted confirmation that I was heading in the right direction. Throughout the session, I gained clarity on the next steps in my professional and personal life. I feel more at peace, and I know what I need to do next.   You won’t believe how life-changing this experience is!”

Audrey Sourroubille

Health Coach, Switzerland

“I was blown away by how powerful the energy during my Akashic Records Reading was with Priscilla. Afterwards, I felt so much more clear, connected, supported, and guided and I had no more doubt that I was on the right track. I just KNEW!”

Erin Lanahan

Yoga instructor & Health Coach, Vero Beach, FL

Having my Akashic records read was no doubt a life changing experience for meIt was a total domino effect as soon as I got off the phone!

I now have less resistance around my business and money and have been lead to the tools that can help me achieve my dreams. For many years I had been at inner conflict around my spirituality and having the opportunity to connect with my guides allowed me to resolve this conflict and accept myself fully.  It was like the last 30 years that had been mystery finally made sense to me.

I would highly recommend this to anyone seeking to find their footing in life.  I will be most definitely having them regularly!!”

Kate Chiffey-Gray

Model– Australia

I just wanted to say thank you for the amazing reading you gave me. You truly are gifted at what you do, and really just get to the heart of the matter, in such a gentle yet direct manner. Plus, you are so generous with the questions you answer and I cannot recommend your services enough. Thank you, Priscilla!

Beth Millman

Executive, Los Angeles, CA


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