Today, I want to send a heartfelt message of love and gratitude to you and my sincerest wishes for a joyful and magical holiday season.

Soul guidance can be so reassuring and uplifting especially during this season.

I opened up the Akashic Records of my Sweet Path Wellness email newsletter list and asked the questions below.

Scroll down for the answers.

I hope the information shared by your guides resonates with your heart and supports you in living a life of joy, abundance and possibility.

Upon opening the Records of the group of my email list I asked the following:

NOTE: If you prefer an audio version of the channeled message, you can download it HERE.

“What does this group (my email newsletter list) need to know right now?”

Stop. Rejoice and Delight.
Celebrate life, new beginnings, fresh starts and all that you’ve overcome and that’s transpired this year.

Phew! What a year it has been.

Aren’t you glad it’s almost over and for how far you’ve come and how much you’ve grown this year?

This was a blockbuster year of expansion, growth, release, overcoming your own shortcomings and seeing what’s truly possible when you lean into and align with your inner being, Higher Self, i.e. your freakin’ magical Soul!

This was a year of awakening and anything and everything that was in the way, had to go – easily or reluctantly.

We are so proud of how far you’ve come and of how you are a different person than you were last year. Heck you are different from even a month or two ago.

Brava! Bravo!

Hip, hip hooray!

It’s time to keep the lightness of energy up.

To lean into the practices and new ways of being and rituals that support you in moving forward with more ease in your life.

This year has groomed you into BEING a lighter, more high vibe soul and that’s awesome.

We know it hasn’t been easy but we got your attention and your consciousness is different as a result.

So we say: job well done!

What is the common block for this group and how do they heal it?

Trying too hard.
Waiting for things to be perfect to get started.

The ways that you’ve created in the past will not serve you as well as you may like them to in 2019.

Ease, flow, releasing the pressure and timeline and allowing yourself to be more spontaneous, more filled with wonder and to INF– USE LIGHTNESS into ALL OF YOUR CREATIONS: This will bring the JOY, IMPACT and MAGIC that you’ve been really asking for.

Please stop taking yourself and your work so seriously.

Yes, you and your work are magic.
And it’s also life-changing and insignificant.

Bonus kick in the pants: stop taking yourself and your work so seriously! Yup we’ve said it again.

Lighten up.
INF– USE JOY into ALL of your creations.
Have a LOT more FUN.

For 2019 keep asking yourself what it will take to be the happiest person you know.

You want more joy, more ease and more money?
Start with JOY.

If you don’t want to do something, DON’T.
If you have a crazy idea and a moment of inspiration, ACT ON IT.

If you’re putzing around for too long to start something, it’s either not the right time or you are overthinking it.Trust what you know.

2019 is a year for you to deepen into your awakening, to lean more into your soul’s guidance for miraculous support and surprising magic and miracles and to continue on your path of transformation.

2019 will be easier and in some ways tougher but it will be perfect.

Remember that life is what you make of it so make it AWESOME.

Examine the conclusions and expectations you have.
Then re-examine them some more.

What are those nudges you’ve been having?
What are those ideas and images you’ve been seeing in your mind’s eye that are asking for deeper exploration?
Where can you infuse your life with even more EASE?


Add more connections, partnerships and collaborations into your life.
Dive even deeper into what’s working.

Release the obligation, fear and guilt.
Embrace MAGIC.

Stop trying to figure out the outcome and be more CAREFREE AND dare we see FREE SPIRITS?

How much fun can you have now?

What else does this group need to know right now?

Have more fun.
Take time to plan out your year with what matters most to you not from a place of obligation from GENUINE DESIRE, INSPIRATION AND MAGIC.

Write down 3-5 experiences that you genuinely wish to have.
Then take 1 action step by early January to put it into motion.

Ask the consciousness of that idea how it wishes to be expressed.

Act on your inspiration without judgment, conclusion or expectations.

Embrace FLOW.
Embrace PLAY.
Embrace WONDER.

Be a child again in your life and business.

How much fun can you have?

What final message do you wish to share with this group?

Amidst all this talk of lightness, we invite you to celebrate the SACREDNESS AND PERFECTION of your life and that is YOU.

Take a pause to SOAK IN the beauty that’s all around you.
Take a moment to EXPRESS GENUINE GRATITUDE for a life and a year well-lived, especially the dark, rough, sticky bits that you’d rather not re-live.

The rough patches are your Divine assignments directing you to deeper love, self-awareness and magic.

Nothing is for naught.
All is well.

You are magnificent.
Your life is magnificent.

Now go live your best year and holiday season yet.

Remember above all that it is your PERCEPTION of anything that INFORMS YOUR EXPERIENCE.

Change your lens, step into gratitude and appreciation, trust in yourself and in Divine timing and let the magic rip your heart open, your spirit wide and your joy abound.

We love you.
You are SO loved.
All is well.


You’re golden and gold.

We love you.

{Records closed}


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