Level 1

Akashic Records Certification

Learn to read your Akashic Records

Expand your personal power and freedom and access the Truth of who you really are through your Akashic Records


If you are feeling the pull to learn to access your Akashic Records and to deepen your connection with your soul you are in exactly the right place.

The Akashic Records are not only a sacred space of Truth, Love, and infinite wisdom that you can learn to access at will, ultimately they are a space of radical responsibility, conscious choice, and personal power.

When you learn to access your Akashic Records you become a channel for the guidance flowing from your soul guides (aka your Record Keepers), making you a more empowered and open vessel to live your best life and make a difference in the world.

As a potent tool for spiritual development, the Records help you hone your intuition, align with your purpose, release blocks, deepen your self-trust, and take courageous action to create a life that your soul desires for you.

And the good news is that you already have within you the ability to access these energies.

Accessing your Akashic Records opens up a whole new realm of possibility, insight, personal freedom, and healing, expanding the way you see yourself and the world while deepening your relationship to your soul, your guides, and the Universe itself.

You are here to change the world in your unique way. Your soul provides the EDGE that will enable you to do so meaningfully and sustainably—and this training will show you how to access that edge on demand.

Who is this class for?

Spiritual entrepreneurs and transformational leaders seeking to access spiritual guidance on demand from their soul guides to inform their purpose, their business direction and to heal past wounds and old sabotaging behaviours. You desire to have a deeper understanding of your life and purpose while cultivating a lifelong partnership with your Soul.

This class is perfect for you whether this is your first exposure to the Akashic Records or you’ve received training before but don’t yet feel confident in your abilities.

In this training you will learn:

What the Akashic Records are

What your unique Akashic gifts are (what information you are most suited and gifted at accessing in your Akashic Records)

How to do healing work on yourself in the Records

How to shift energy at will and learn new energetic tools and skills

How to troubleshoot in the Records, enabling you to access and exit your own Records comfortably and with confidence in the information you’ve received

Here are just a few benefits of learning to read your Akashic Records for yourself:

Deepen your intuition, self-trust and connection to the Divine

Cultivate a relationship with your guides that creates unshakable confidence in the guidance you receive from your Akashic Records

Enjoy an enriched and fulfilling life that’s enhanced by the soul guidance you receive

Take aligned action that leads you towards your goals and dreams

Expand your spiritual growth and access soul guidance on demand by tapping into the insights, lessons, and healing directly from your soul

Raise your frequency at will by accessing the energy of Love in the Records

Shift energy quickly and gain an empowering new perspective on a past or present issue

Channel your own body of work

Prerequisites for this training:

You have done some spiritual development work and are on a path of spiritual growth

You feel comfortable accessing your intuition already and want to expand your skills

You are ready to deepen your relationship to the Divine.

This class is NOT for people who feel skeptical about Mystical forces and want to use the class as a way to decide or validate their notions of whether there are higher powers greater than ourselves.

Receive your Certificate of Completion

Upon completion of this training, you will receive your certificate of completion for Level 1 through the Soulfluent® Akashic Records Academy (SARA). This training teaches you how to build a personal relationship with your own Akashic Records en route to mastery for yourself and others. Should you choose to continue your Akashic Records studies, this training is the prerequisite to further training.

You will learn a life-long skill that will deeply enhance your spiritual growth, your self-trust and your relationship to the Divine.

Akashic Records Level 1 Training Schedule via Zoom

Saturday, April 13, 2024

  • 10am – 12pm Pacific (Training)
  • 1pm – 3pm Pacific (Training + Exercises)

Sunday, April 14, 2024

  • 10am – 12pm Pacific (Training)
  • 1pm – 3pm Pacific (Exercises)

You will receive preparation materials in advance via email. The training will be recorded.

The number of participants is capped at 10, maximizing the personal attention available to each individual.

Note: This class is hands-on and experiential with plenty of time to practice being in your Akashic Records and accessing information from your guides.

Special Bonus: 1:1 45 minute Session to deepen your Akashic abilities with Priscilla. To be scheduled within 30 days of training.

This personalized session is a unique opportunity not found in other Akashic Records trainings to deepen your expertise.


Pay in Full

Two payments
(30 days apart)

You can also make a non-refundable deposit of $250 to reserve your spot.
Final balance must be paid one week prior to the start date

All sales are non-refundable. If you aren’t able to attend the training live for unforeseeable reasons, you may transfer your attendance to a future date.

My story with the Akashic Records

I first encountered the healing power of the Akashic Records in 2013 when I went through a very potent five-week soul-level healing experience in my own Akashic Records. That eye-opening opportunity showed me that the Akashic Records were a potent tool to help so many others live a meaningful and purpose-filled life, and I realized that the Records would be the finishing touch for my coaching practice. I went on to learn how to read the Akashic Records of others and to offer powerful healing in the Records. Since that time, I have spent hundreds of hours helping incredible entrepreneurs live their purpose in business through the potent soul guidance from the Akashic Records.

My relationship with my own Akashic Records has born additional fruits:

  1. I have channeled two bodies of work directly from my Akashic Records: a. The Soulfluent® Leadership Archetypes and three books (first book released in 2022) and b. A complete Akashic Records Training Curriculum.
  2. Through accessing my Records, I also learned to implicitly trust and to act on my intuition.
  3. I have pursued big dreams such as moving to San Diego where I met and married my husband
  4. I shifted my business to work with world-changing women business owners.
  5. I personally healed deep wounds at soul level, now hold firmer boundaries and have become more resilient and courageous in my life and relationships.

All of this is possible for you as well. I am incredibly excited and humbled to teach you how to access the power of your own soul’s guidance, healing, and support by reading your Akashic Records—a skill that will literally change your life.

What they are saying….

Priscilla is a gifted guide and super savvy force of light. You could not find a better provider to take your successful business to the next level and into TOTAL alignment with your divine path and purpose.”

Lindsay Pera

Business Strategist & Mystic

“I would love to take a minute to share my experience of learning how to access my Akashic Records from Priscilla. First of all from the moment the class begins you know you are in a safe sacred space…it’s just who Priscilla is. The teaching is full of clarity and consciousness to everyone involved. A lot of time for sharing and confirmation and a real openness with each individual student to acknowledge each persons own interpretation of learning and welcoming the information. There is a very calm magical feeling as Priscilla moves through the class. Learning is very easy and full of grace with her.”

Bonnie Kutter

About Priscilla

Priscilla Stephan is an Intuitive Business Strategist and creator of the Soulfluent® Leadership Archetypes. She helps soul-driven women entrepreneurs create sustainable, world-changing businesses that support the greater good.

Through a powerful combination of practical business strategy together with soul guidance in the Akashic Records, she excels at helping people identify their zones of genius, step into powerful leadership, and live their purpose profitably. Over the last six years, she has spent hundreds of hours in the Akashic Records helping her clients build purpose-driven businesses and to develop their spiritual core by leading from and trusting their soul’s wisdom.


What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are a sacred space of Love, Truth, and Healing in the “Akasha” (which means ether in Sanskrit) designed to support you in living your Soul’s True Purpose and a life of ease, joy, and growth.

Do I need a foundation in other spiritual training to take this class?

No. Just bring an open mind and heart, a willingness to trust the process, and an inner pull to access your Akashic Records at this time.

What if I’m skeptical and afraid (aka what if I can’t access my own Records)?

That’s okay. I felt exactly the same way when I was in your position. It’s normal and natural to worry that you might not succeed and to be a bit afraid of what you’ll learn in your Akashic Records. The good news is that your guides only share information that’s in your best interest; they will never share information that’s harmful for you in any way.

What if I take recreational drugs?

In order to keep your energy as clear as possible as you access your Records, I recommend that participants not take recreational drugs for two weeks before the training.This does not apply to substances taken for medicinal purposes.

What if I’m really religious?

That’s absolutely fine. The Akashic Records are a space of Truth and Love and are not denominational. Rather, the Records are a space where you can access the infinite wisdom of your Soul that transcends time, space, and reality.

What if I cannot attend the class live?

You must attend the class live in order to receive the training and to access the practice sessions and Q&A section live. While you can access your own Records through other self-study courses, this training requires you to be present for the live classes that will be taught through Zoom.

Do you give refunds?

No. If you aren’t sure if you can attend the course live, please do not sign up. Should you cancel or fail to attend, a refund will not be provided unless your spot is taken by someone else.

What if I want to learn how to access the Akashic Records of others?

Awesome! This class is exclusively for you to learn how to access your personal Akashic Records, to become familiar with the energy of your Records, and to learn how to confidently communicate with your guides.  In 2022, I will offer Level 2 training that will allow you to access not only the Akashic Records of others but those of businesses as well.

Who are my Record Keepers?

Your Record Keepers are light beings who oversee your Akashic Records. They’ve been with you during every incarnation and through all dimensions, planes, and times (including this one). They want to share their wisdom and insight with you to nurture your soul’s growth and your Highest good.

Will you be offering higher levels of training in the Akashic Records?

Yes, in 2022 I will be teaching Level 2, where you will learn to access the Akashic Records of others and to do intuitive readings for them.  Level 1 training is the first step on this journey, teaching you to build a personal relationship with your own Akashic Records en route to mastery for yourself and others.

Got questions?  Email me at priscilla@priscillastephan.com
Office hours are Monday – Thursday 10am – 4pm Pacific Time.

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