Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

At this time of celebration and reflection, I wanted to share insights and an invitation to create a more fulfilling 2019 in between your cup of egg nog and favourite wine 🙂

This year brought with it many lessons and perhaps the greatest one was to examine the standards I’ve set for how I lead in my life.

In particular, I’ve been shown the clear path to a higher energy of being that entails shifting into love-making rather than fear-mongering when it comes to decisions.

It’s been an extension of a big lesson from 2017, when I got present to how much worry and living in the drama of anxiety was choke-holding my life.

And with my gratitude for this awareness it’s also been humbling to see that there are cycles of growth and contraction. I feel like after making a few steps forward, I may fall back into old patterns. If you do, I want you to know that this is still progress. Just keep practicing what the new you is asking you to choose. Think refinement over perfection!

Discerning when I’m making fear-based or love-based choices has been an eye-opener and game changing practice.

I know I’m making choices out of fear when I get feel this sinking feeling in my stomach.

My body contracts.

I get that “ugh” feeling.

And it really sucks.

That’s because making decisions out of fear is life sucking (i.e. energy sucking).

Here are some examples of mis-aligned (fear-based choices I’ve made):

  • I would take appointments at times that didn’t work for me because I was afraid of not taking the meeting with a specific person (cue: FOMO).
  • I would extend an offer or be overly flexible to people please even though the timelines and expectations were specifically outlined ahead of time (cue: people pleasing).
  • I would say yes to working with someone when my gut was telling me to reconsider. (cue: scarcity mindset).

And there are so many more ways that this has played out and you get the picture right?

So for today, I want to invite you to look at what will create your “new normal for 2019”.

  1. What are the energy leaks in your business and how is that costing you time and money – dearly?
  2. Where are you making decisions out of fear and scarcity vs love, generosity and wholeness?
  3. Where are you still operating out of a “should” and “pushing mentality” over ease and flow and TRUST (I know, I know… TRUST!)
  4. Where have you limited what’s possible because your upper limit just says you can’t have it? Funny story: I told a friend that angels didn’t give me signs, so I never asked for them.I was proven wrong this week!
  5. Where are you still mimicking other people’s business models and undercharging because you think that’s how/ the only way to get clients?

If you take the time to reflect on these questions, I promise you it will be life and business changing.

When you operate out of fear and scarcity, which are opposing energies to your Divine essence (which is love), you disconnect from the soul wisdom, guidance and infinite possibilities available to you at every single moment.

The good news is that a new paradigm of soul-based living is dawning.

It’s one where we are:

  • Listening to and acting on our inner guidance more
  • Playing more, worrying less.
  • Living from wonder, possibility and LEVITY
  • Acting from a place of love, wholeness and a genuine desire to contribute (cue JOY) rather than obligation, formulas and old systems.
  • More self-aware and catching ourselves more quickly when we stumble
  • Staying open to allowing, receiving and BEING more of ourselves
  • Trusting the flow of Divine timing, Divine consciousness and Divine inspiration.
  • Meditating and getting curious about new possibilities and ways of creating
  • Following those “crazy ideas”
  • Simplifying over complicating and perfecting.
  • Taking totally inspired, illogical action that creates magic!

I’m sure you’ve been feeling this too if you’re on my email list.

If this speaks to you, I’d love to invite you into my SoulNourished workshop.

Tuesday, January 8th @ 10am PT

Soul Nourished

Given people’s busy holiday schedules, I have rescheduled it to early January so more of you can participate.

In this 2-hour virtual workshop we will look at you’re A.B.S.:

  • ALLOWING: How to open up your channels of allowance, trust and receiving.
  • BOUNDARIES: Identify your top priorities in life and business and how to create boundaries so you have more space and energy for what’s most important to you.
  • STANDARDS: This means looking at what your new normal will look like and then identifying and shifting the stories that don’t align with your “new normal.”

We will start with a silent meditation to get you connected to your inner guidance. Next, I will guide you through various questions to help you get connected to what matters most to you, to identify your creative and growth edges and your inspired action steps to allow yourself to be pulled by what wants to come through you.

This is about self-leadership and BECOMING more of who you truly are: Divine, whole and complete and creating more in a way that’s deeply aligned, ease and soul-FULFILLING.

What I know for sure is that you don’t need more information. You need the space to listen to what you already know is true for you and to TRUST WHAT YOU KNOW.

The next version of you will think, behave and show up in the world in a different energetic state than the one before you.

Your energetic operating system must upgrade to be congruent with the next version of your leadership and contribution.

This means your presence, how you manage your thoughts, emotions and how you show up energetically (magnetic or repellant) will matter even more.

It comes down to who you are BEING; your PRESENCE; your willingness to be MORE and ALL of you.

And this means leading from an energy that’s life GIVING and soul NOURISHING vs. life SUCKING.

Because when you are SoulNourished (i.e. in alignment with what’s true for you):

  • You show up as the best version of yourself
  • You are lit up and take exquisite care of yourself
  • You say yes to what matters most to you and no to anything that’s not a hell yes
  • You live from joy
  • You operate from your zones of genius
  • You feel and are more abundant, prosperous and your way of living is LIFE GIVING and LIFE SUSTAINING.

And the next version of you won’t accept anything less than full alignment, deep nourishment and joyful bliss.

You know deep down you are being led to a new way of being.

Ready to join us?

The investment is $77: CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.

I can’t wait to play with you

To your sweet success,


P.S.: 2 workshop bonuses: 1) I will open up the group’s Akashic Records for individual guidance and support to help you lead a soul nourished life; 2) My 2019 Soul Vision e-book with pointed questions to help you plan your year from the soul out.

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