I opened up the Akashic Records of my newsletter list today and asked for guidance to support you in living your best year yet. Below is what came through. Enjoy!

Note: To listen to the 7 minute AUDIO VERSION: click here.

What message do you have for my newsletter community right now?

Pause. Take a breath.

Acknowledge: You made it through into this new year.

Congratulate yourself.

It wasn’t easy and yet here you are.

The good news is that you’ve learned so much about yourself, life, the world, what triggers and what delights you and hopefully, there is more SPACE now for you to listen, prioritize and create what matters most to you.

No matter how you feel today or how happy or discontent you are with certain areas of your life, trust that we are still at the beginning of the year and it’s so RIPE with possibility.

The key is to balance the dance of being attuned to the global realities AND staying in your own lane and creating and enjoying your life.

It’s hard when others (and even yourself) are suffering to give yourself the space of grace to be happy.

And this is exactly what we are asking you to do.

Experience everything and that includes JOY, POSSIBILITY, LOVE and COMPASSION.

You don’t stop living or being a human being because there is a pandemic.

Rather you adapt.

Of course, things aren’t the same and you miss people, friends, hugs, travel and human connection.

AND the greatest opportunity right now remains to deepen your connection to yourself.

The theme for 2021 is POSSIBILITY in all its forms and serendipity.

Allow yourself to be pleasantly surprised.

Allow yourself to be guided and supported even more.

Listen to your intuition more and your brain less.

You may well have noticed that your portal of connection to the Universal energies has grown. Bravo.

It’s part of the Divine plan so that the veil between the seen and unseen worlds diminish and so that you can experience more joy and soul guidance at will without trying so hard.

Our goal is for you to experience genuine JOY this year in all the ways that you can imagine and to allow yourself to be surprised and delighted.

Yes – even during a pandemic.

Especially during a pandemic.

Soulfluent® Leadership isn’t about denying the reality on the ground, but rather rising in spite of it and using a circumstance to lead even more potently from your soul’s knowing and calling.

So this is THE perfect year, if it’s aligned for you to:

  • Write or finish that book
  • Start a new business or enterprise
  • Have the kid
  • Get married
  • Connect people
  • Start that podcast
  • DO THE THING you’re feeling the nudge to do (or may soon have).

Bottom line: invite magic into your life this way and allow yourself to go WOW.

We want you to experience for yourself the power of living life to the fullest no matter what is happening around you because you, now more than ever before, are the captain of your life’s ship and you get to say YES to a lot more than you’ve allowed yourself to and NO to the stuff that no longer serves.

Which healing opportunities are ripe for this group now?

Space is your greatest ally.

Space to trust yourself.

Space to reflect and to dream.

Space to connect to yourself and to others.

Space to pray and to imagine new possibilities.

For space, trust needs to be present.

For space to be acknowledged and utilized, it requires the permission to do so (and stop overstuffing your calendars and minds less with worry)

For space to BE.

Space will ask you to feel more deeply, heal more intentionally, and to forgive more implicitly.

Space will ask you to be more resourceful and self-reliant spiritually and this is a really good thing.

The pandemic is here to expand our perception and reality of our own self-reliance by showing us how to (out of necessity) connect more deeply and intimately to ourselves.

Go at your own pace.

Go with the flow.

Go forth in peace, majesty and in all your glory.

Worry less.

Feel more.

Trust the Divine unfolding and it’s glorious and perfect timing.

What is your final message for this group today?


Take another breath!

Breathe again.

Slow time.

Stay present.

Bask in the glory of each breathing moment.

Within each second is a lifetime of magic and beauty.Are you willing to stay plugged into THAT?

Trust in the process.

A sense of urgency is commendable but trust is where abundance lies.

Rushing, even in the best form, confirms a notion of lack and a dearth of self-trust.

A healthy pace invites serendipity, flow and deep, deep peace.

Be your own best company, ally and guru.

You will (unexpectedly) realize that you are the answer you’ve been most waiting for all along.

Keep leading, loving, creating and expressing yourself.

You do it so, so well and beautifully.

And above all else, stay in your own lane.

Remember, you’ve got this!

Much love.

{Records closed}.

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