Happy 2023. As I opened up the Akashic Records today, here was the message that wanted to flow through to you.

This is a year of deep transformation and of possibility.

It’s a year to dream again, to fall in love again, to inspire and to be inspired once again.

What’s in the past, IS IN THE PAST.

What’s still lingering, let it linger, dissolve and be fully behind you.

You are no longer the same.

In fact, your inner identity and ecosystem has SHIFTED.

This is real and true.

You are being called to step into your power with grace and purpose and to fully DEFINE with gracious responsibility and devotion, what you are here to create.

Create from wonder and joy.

Create from passion and possibility.

Create from a place that you have not yet done before.

Create from your SOUL, fully and truly.

The cobwebs have been removed.

You’ve hibernated, cocooned, grieved, healed, paused, did the inner work, did the hard outer stuff, you’ve honoured your cycles and rhythms.

Now, get used to the idea that the path ahead is clear.

Get used to the idea that the shoe won’t drop.

Get used to the idea that who you are now and what you are creating are different frequencies.

You have changed (and yes the world’s obviously changed).

And so you are creating now from a DIFFERENT ENERGY.

So you can let go of that old doubt and those old ways of performing and choosing that allowed you to get through what you needed to get through.

Now you can ease and settle into the lighter, calmer, more graceful and more DISCERNING part of yourself.

You get to give yourself permission to have life be REALLY GOOD AGAIN and to create WAY BEYOND what’s possible.

The path ahead is clean, clear, passable and full of possibilities – truly.

Can you get used to this NEW NORMAL?

What would you like to create from this new energy of YOU?

What new perspectives and experiential insight can you bring to what you are creating next?

What can you say YES TO now AS you honour your season and your timing.

There is NO RUSH.

It’s ok if you aren’t yet ready to start the year on full tilt.

For many of you, the year will be a slow tide of awakening to the new year and the insights of inspiration.

Please trust and honour your season knowing that what’s for you is coming and impossible to NOT come to you.


Hold the intention of a magnificent year. Not because of what you’ll accomplish, but because of who you are and what you are asking for and deserve to receive.

It’s ok to be happy again.

It’s ok to feel the pain of those still suffering.

And know that as you embrace the totality of your joy and of the life you wish to lead, the greater ripple effects you will impart on the world.

Suffering on behalf of others doesn’t create change.

Choosing to live your life as an example of joyous possibility IS.

Choose wisely.

Lean in to all of the discernment and alignment that you’ve garnered from your experiences and stay faithful to yourself and to your values and priorities in 2023.

Expand what you think is possible for yourself.

There’s been so much shrinking and contracting to survive.

And yet the energy of growth and expansion asks us to lighten our emotional, physical and spiritual loads and to bless and release the past.

Let go.

Step in.

Dream again and dream as big and as expansively as you wish. Because what you wish for, will come to pass.

Pinky swear.

To your sweet success,


P.S: This is the year to fully honour your desires, your dreams and to trust your Soul more than ever before. Alignment will be key.

{Save the Date} BOOK CLUB: February 24th: I’m having a party

The Soulfluent® Leadership Business Guide has been in the world for year now and we will gather to talk about some key themes of the book.

What you can expect (lots of fun):

  • An overview of the Soulfluent® Leadership Archetypes and how to best use the book to expand your soulful leadership now
  • Leadership in 2023: Why Soulfluent® leaders are essential + what areas to focus on personally to optimize your contribution
  • Get your specific questions answered: I will be opening up the Akashic Records of the group and you will be invited to ask your personal business questions that will also support the group.
  • Get inspired about your soul’s work again and by doing business your soul’s way.

When: Friday, February 24th on Zoom

Time: 10am -11:30am Pacific

=> To RSVP: Email me priscilla@priscillastephan.com saying “I’m in the book club party.”

=> To purchase your copy of the book: You can do so here.

This is a free event. You will leave with a greater depth of understanding about how to apply your Archetype into your work and a reignited passion to share your brilliance with the world.

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