Happy 2024!

Below I am sharing a channeled message from the Akashic Records of my newsletter list to support you throughout the year ahead. Here is the message that came through for you today:

“Dear ones,

Nothing is lost; everything is reborn, renewed and recycled.

Nothing is for naught and nothing is wrong.

It can feel, after so much rummaging and turning over of leaves, that there is much MORE to do this year.

In fact, we want to invite you to do much, much LESS this year.

Ahhhhh, doesn’t that open up a whole lot of space immediately?

We want you to intentionally create a lot more INTENTIONAL SPACE in your life in 2024 (and beyond) for creativity, joy, inspiration, magic and for LIFE to move through you and to move within you.

Intentionality is where magic and serendipity collide and ignite a torrential downpour of good fortune, insights, inspiration and possibilities that didn’t exist anymore.

So truly take STOCK of where there is clutter in your physical space, in your heart and in your mind and in your relationships.


What are memories that can be cherished in your heart and released in physical form?

What is ESSENTIAL for you to THRIVE?

Intentionality comes with grace, truth and compassion.

You must be willing to give the mulch of the past over to the Divine to be composted and alchemized into new beginnings.

You must be willing to forgive yourself and others to create the emotional space to love yourself and the world more.

You must be willing to love on a whole new love on unconditionality so that you can transcend the 3D reality and live from a HIGHER PERSPECTIVE of love, truth and possibilities

You must be willing to love for love’s sake without guarantees.

You must be willing to take the risk without knowing the outcome

You must be willing to say what you need without fear that any repercussions will cause you permanent harm.

You must be willing to say what you mean and to mean what you say simply because you mean it.

You must be willing to prioritize yourself over anyone else because this is how you show up fully alive and from a full cup

You must be willing to go for what you REALLY WANT (what’s essential to you) and not what you think you can have or get away with.

You must be willing to face the Truth over and over again if needed until radical positive waves of change start coming forward.

You must be willing to create and to ride new WAVES of possibilities and to ask yourself:” What IF? What if it works out for me?”

You must be willing to give yourself a chance to WIN for no other reason than you deserve it, you want it and the world wants it for you.

You must be willing to fully honour your desires AND be willing to see your place in the collective web of contribution, leadership and possibilities.

You must be wiling to say YES to how you are being called to be of service and fiercely protective of your time, your energy and resources so they are intentionally allocated to where they will be of must use and value right now.

Arm yourself with the magic wand of dreams and possibilities, then place them in your cauldron with clear intention and cast your spell for magical alchemy and for golden new paths to be laid before you.

You are the dreamweaver, the dreamer AND the dream.

Allow yourself to spend plenty of time dreaming, (re)imagining the possibilities and going for what you really, truly desire.

2024 is the year to start fresh in the sense that you are no longer holding yourself back or in need to step back to heal. The crux of that has already happened.

This is the year to take very intentional ACTION and to see the seeds of your harvest bloom IN YOUR FAVOUR.

You get to have what you want

You get to ask for what you need.

You get to have it all just because you want it.

Stand tall and believe.

Sit back and watch the seeds bloom with patience, grace and joy.

Take ONLY the actions that are are a hard and TRUE YES and let go of everything else.

The “anew” this year isn’t about burning things down, it’s about adding fresh nutrients to your life in the way that you see yourself, present yourself to the world and allow yourself to live, lead and speak from the wholeness of your TRUTH.

From there, watch the magic unfold.

Trust us, this IS a new year and the magic unfolding is oh so very real.

Are you willing to believe (again)?

Are you willing to trust again?

Are you willing to create anew and to plant, harvest and to watch the seeds of your contribution take hold?

There is magic in you and in the collective unfolding.

Take note to be extremely DISCERNING with your focus and where you apply your energy. You will know how you are doing by how you are feeling.

Yes, for things to change YOU must show up differently and the key ingredients, as we mentioned above are:

  • intentionality
  • discernment
  • focused resources (time, money, energy)
  • positive expectation
  • renewed belief and trust in yourself and in the Divine plan unfolding.

We are ready for the ride. Are you?

If not, take time to reflect on the past year’s lessons, challenges and triumphs and to celebrate yourself for how far you’ve come.

Let your rose bloom and the world benefit from your beauty and hypnotic fragrance.

You’ve SO got this. Just keep on believing, taking very discerned and aligned action and allowing for the magic to unfold.

There is SO MUCH MAGIC ABOUND on this year of renewed possibilities.

We can’t wait to see the awe in your faces, the smiles on your cheeks and the wonder in your spirit.

Keep marching on dear ones, it will be a truly spectacular and memorable year. Dive in with both feet and look full speed AHEAD. The past is now behind you. Bless it for its wisdom and KNOW in your bones that you are a new person, on a fresh path that has been paved with love, strength and determination.

We look forward to visiting with you soon.

Much love, your Record Keepers.

{Records Closed}

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