I’m so happy to be back in your inbox.

April was a packed month with 3 business conferences that stretched my awareness, expanded my business relationships and taught me some powerful insights.

I share these with you below (the video is 14 minutes).

Here are some of the insights and questions I shared in the video if you are more visual:

  1. Are you willing to trust your awareness? Whatever feels light is always true. Whatever feels heavy is always a lie.
  2. Are you willing to ask for everything you desire?
  3. Are you willing to BE and DO whatever is required to RECEIVE what you’ve asked for?
  4. What have you been unwilling to choose, that if you chose it would change everything?
  5. What would it take or what would it be like to have______?
  6. Am I willing to be my magic today without apology?
  7. What else is possible here? (Whether something awesome or so-so has happened).
  8. When you aren’t sure of your next step, stay curious and ask yourself: Hmmmm, I wonder…… And let your awareness respond.

Note: Be willing to ask the questions above and stay open to how you receive your response. This isn’t about having an answer right away or the “right” answer.

Awareness and alignment are such powerful indicators of our own magic and intuition. Where are you in alignment and where are things just OFF?

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