This morning I got the nudge to send you a channeled message to support you in staying strong and grounded in love so I appreciate you indulging me back in your inbox so soon again this week.

I went into the Akashic Records of my newsletter community and asked for soul guidance and tools to help us navigate this time of unrest and change with grace and compassion.

As empaths, sensitive and intuitive people that we are, we feel a lot of the collective’s fears. It’s my hope that the message below will support you in staying grounded, calm and true to yourself as we move through the weeks ahead.

I asked two questions and below are the answers.

1. What does this group need to hear right now?

Take a breath.


And b.r.e.a.t.h.e.

Yes this is a time of external unrest.

And it can also be a time of deep, grounded and internal peace.

This is not to minimize what is happening in our world. It is very real.

And yet, do not give it more power than your inner knowing, the management of your energetic state and your highly potent discernment.

This is a time of reclaiming your personal SOVEREIGNTY.

That is: your ability to discern and self-govern from a place of compassion, grace and unyielding authority of your being.

This is a time to hear and digest what is happening and decide what is true for you.

=>How can you operate today from an energy of love and understanding?

=>How can you be in a state of peace and love amidst everything?

=>How can you patiently and compassionately observe vs react?

This is a time to take a solid step back from all the chaos, the commotion and the swirling energy and ask yourself:

“What does peace and calm look like for me right now?”


Take this moment to connect back to your body and to your solar plexus.

Connect to your heartbeat.

Invite your soul’s energy to make itself known.

Take a few more deep breaths – cleansing, purifying and grounding you back into yourself, your knowing and what’s possible.

Ah yes.

There you are.

Can you feel yourself?

Can you feel yourself expanded, grounded and free?

Unencumbered from all that’s happening around you?

Now expand your energy just a little bit more.

And more and more until you feel as expansive, open and free and grounded as you can.

Now ask yourself these 3 questions:

  1. Who do I want to be in this moment?
  2. What is being asked of me that I am willing to provide to support myself and others?
  3. What does my business ask of me today? And a bonus question: What brings me joy?

Do not feel guilt for enjoying yourself or your life right now.

Your high vibration of joy is needed at this time.

And then, if you feel you have the bandwidth, ask yourself:

What can I do today to make a difference? To my loved ones, to my community to the world?

Then act on it as you see fit.

You are not required to save or rid the world of all its problems.

You are asked right now to take back your power, your discernment and to CHOOSE FOR YOU.

This is the essence Soulfluence Leadership at its best:

  • Sovereign (self-governing)
  • Discerning
  • Kind and compassionate
  • Willing to ask questions that support not only you and the greater good as you see fit.


2. How can this community manage their energetic overload especially when they feel so much?

  • Clear your energy daily (or a few times a day)
  • Still yourself in whatever way gets you grounded and clear headed (meditation, time in nature, time alone and being quiet).
  • Minimize your time on social media and with the news.
  • Do something manually that gets you into your imagination and out of spinning
  • Get clear on what’s true for you and what grounds and feeds you.

You can send healing light and energy or say prayers for those who are suffering as a way to energetically support those you cannot physically affect now.

You can clear your energy and space so you are grounded and operating from a responsive energy (higher energy) rather than reactive.

You can pause and breathe (often) and ask:

  • What’s present and true for me in this moment?
  • What’s my next best step here?

If I don’t have to solve all of the world’s problems or use my body as a means to process everyone’s fear, what can I choose right now?

Being strong in your own energetic mastery and peace and calm creates a MASSIVE RIPPLE EFFECT to mitigate the panic.

This isn’t to say that you have to do this.

However, we presence that your willingness to BE grounded, BE present, BE TRUE to YOU, is the greatest gift you can not only give to yourself but others.

And it’s ok if you aren’t doing as much in your work/business.

It’s ok if you are doing the essentials.

It’s ok if you are doing the best you can right now.

It’s ok that you aren’t fixing everything or trying to hold space for others when you need that energy for yourself.

You first.

Choose for you.

Stay in grounded joy.

Keep taking deep breaths.

All is well.

You are safe.

You can be in your life and fully live your life WHILE you care about the world and others.

Knowing you can do your part.

You don’t have to fix anything at all.


Breathe some more.

By creating SPACE in your energy, mind and body you are gifting us all with your openness to received inspired ideas, guidance that will in turn help others… not from a place of obligation, but from a place of inspired love.

This wave of chaos is practice (think going to the gym) for you to stay grounded and true to yourself and to explore practices that will work for you – as well as your expectations of what you “should” and can and cannot do.

When it comes down to it, you will see that less is more.

Your energy matters more than anything you can do (although actions help when truly inspired and given freely).

You aren’t obligated to do anything.

And when you feel a pull to help, lean into these 4 QUESTIONS PDF.

Download the 4 questions PDF here.

Just pay attention to when you are spiraling out from fear, and when you are acting like an EAGLE, observing from on high and taking a higher road.

Take the high road.

Be the eagle, not the rabbit.

Be the observer, not the prey.

You are so loved.

All is well.

Keep breathing and asking for guidance from all of your intuitive guides and tools.

One day, one moment at a time is how we will all get through this time.

Roots down.

Head high.

Wings to let our spirits soar and co-create a higher energy reality for us all – where we all win.

Much love.

{Records closed}

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