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Too many choices and listening to too many outside voices at the expense of their intuition is a pattern that I see creating more followers than leaders among entrepreneurs.

This can look like following the latest craze for fear of missing out, making an important business decision such as, for example, signing on to work with a coach or consultant because someone they know had great success (but will it for you?), or feeling spread too thin trying to do all the things that promise “success”.

There is nothing wrong with being an early adapter – we need you! (I love how so many people right now are jumping into Clubhouse).

It’s awesome to work with someone who is a great fit to grow your business and it’s lovely to have so many exciting projects in the fire.

But if there is no internal filtering system to help you make the best choices for your business, having too many choices at your disposal or pursuing something that looks good on paper but that isn’t a fit for your business right now can cause more harm than good.

The truth is that at its core these are signs of a lack of self-trust and connection to your self on a deeper level.

But before pulling the trigger are you asking yourself:

-> Is this the right next step for ME?

-> Is this the right time for this?

-> Will this support my business goals for this quarter/year?

-> Do I have the capacity (time, financially, team-wise) to invest in this right now?

Or is this a distraction or a way to make myself feel good when in fact I need to be focusing on deeper or bigger questions than the latest thing that’s more of a bandaid (at best)?

Leaders that resonate with their audience are often the ones that STAY IN THEIR LANE.

And this means making what is often the harder choice of saying NO to many things so they can say YES to the ones that are already simmering beautifully in their business pot of joy and success.

And this speaks to discernment, consistency and alignment.

And to checking in with yourself and asking the hard questions.

This is why understanding your patterns, habits and triggers is invaluable in business.

=> If you are impulsive, you can tell yourself that you will sleep on it before you make a decision (and see how you feel in the morning).

=> If you tend to procrastinate or are a perfectionist, you can give yourself a deadline and/or have a buddy/business colleague help you decide so you move forward.

=If you are a people-pleaser and have a hard time setting clear boundaries, you can create a few written templates of polite but firm responses or have a team-member be your gatekeeper.

=> If you tend to be the bottleneck in your business, you can make a list of all the benefits of working with someone to create more space on your calendar for you to do work that’s really meaningful for you.

Awareness is a portal to Truth and in staying true to yourself, you are giving yourself the permission and the space to create a business that truly is a reflection of you, your values, your Divine gifts and what matters most to you.

Your pace.

Your timing.

Your way.

Because yes, sometimes it’s a lot harder to say NO than to say yes, but it can also be the most soul-gratifying and liberating knowing that you are controlling the reins of your business, not others.

And this is why leaders who succeed for the long-haul, without burning out or feeling to spread thin (at least not for too long) are the ones that are masterful at knowing themselves.

This is the beauty of the Soulfluent® Leadership Archetype work.

You get to understand not only your incredible superpowers (ie. what you are best at doing and should only be doing), but also your kryptonite (what will stop you cold in your tracks) and the antidote to creating that.

For example, Mystic leaders who are designed to elevate consciousness through their intuitive, creative and healing abilities need to lead with this in their business first and foremost.

Their kryptonite is self-doubt (I’m not ready enough, good enough yet, so maybe I should take another course) and spin in perfectionism or hiding.

The antidote is to explore safe ways to befriend and to highlight their intuitive/healing/creative gifts in their day-to-day work and in their branding and to position themselves in a way that feels authentic to them versus as the person that has all the answers.

Mystics are teachers, guides and healers. While they may certainly restore well-being through their many groupings of modalities that they are skilled in, they are here to guide people back to their OWN TRUTH and that means releasing the burden that you have to have all the answers for them.

I see too often Mystics trying to give people the answers instead of holding the space (as guides) for their clients to come to their own conclusion.

For me, as a Mystic Leader, once I truly understood that my superpowers were holding space for people and channeling, I felt so FREE to stop doing so much, over-stuffing content and my calendar with “all the things” and to lean into what comes so naturally to me.

As a result, I now charge the most for what I do as naturally as breathing AND that gives my clients the greatest level of transformation, confidence and soul-satisfying success and is the most FUN and EASY for me.. And I want the same for all my clients.

Helping you to create a business that’s truly a reflection of who you are today and what your soul wishes to create is one of the many things I work on in my 6 month 1:1 program that takes service-based professionals such as coaches, consultants, attorneys, real estate agents and bookkeepers, who are maxed out with 1:1 work, and want to maximize their income, and to simplify their business and help a smaller but more ideal and profitable client base so they can get some of their time back and live a more spacious lifestyle.

The clients I work with best in my 6 month 1:1 program are:

-> Resourceful, intuitive, a get-it-done person and a hard worker (also part of the problem)

-> Open to a spiritual as well as a strategic and practical approach to sustainably growing your business.

-> Past the six-figure mark in revenue

-> Willing to no longer be the bottleneck in your business and to move through old patterns and habits (such as people pleasing, not wanting to disappoint others, telling yourself you can just keep pushing through, delaying the inevitable, betraying yourself) and to step into the business and lifestyle you truly desire.

Email me if interested in this program and we will chat to see if you’re a good fit. If so, we can get you started right away.

…….And if you are looking for a more community-driven approach to building your self-trust and your business, then I invite you to join me next Friday 1/22 for the next Envision 2021 Leadership Roundtable.

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