I am super excited about today’s announcement.

For the first time ever, I am opening space in my year-long Soul-on-Tap Program to a broader audience of purpose-driven entrepreneurs.

I created Soul-on-Tap for clients who already have established businesses and who really appreciate having on-going support in their Akashic Records to make business decisions in alignment with their soul and to step into their next level of leadership with more ease.

Clients love the degree of spaciousness and flexibility they have since they can customize the time and frequency of our calls based on their business needs. Plus, you have priority access to me when you need me.

Over the year, we laser in on your business needs shedding light where you need deeper clarity, releasing blocks holding you back and clearing the path for your business to grow sustainably.

The key requirements for this program to succeed for you is that:

  1. You already have an established business that makes money and that has the key foundational elements in place (aka you already have your offers, ideal clients identified, marketing structures, your message etc).
  2. You are NOT in a highly active growth state where you need consistent and intensive support from me to accomplish a new project (for example: you are revamping your website, switching gears in your focus, burning everything down). If that’s the case, my 6-month mentorship program or 8-week Intensive are a better fit.

How do you know this program is for you?

  • You want a clear plan and focus for your business and you know that every now and again you get stuck and you need clarity on mapping out and monetizing on your latest project, or streamlining what’s next in your business and you want the clarity that comes from tapping into your soul’s inner guidance to get you there faster.
  • You want very targeted guidance on an “as needed basis” from your soul (Akashic Records) to achieve your goals.
  • This program is perfect for you whether you are already working with a coach and want that added “soul support” or you are flying solo and want this program as the “boost on retainer” to keep you building momentum.
  • You value on-going support that provides accountability to maintain a steady momentum and energy in business. You know having a soulful cheerleader, guide and partner in your journey serves you at the highest levels.

The Program includes:

  • Six, 60-75 minute private calls with me over the year (coaching or in your Akashic Records), which you can schedule or bundle as you wish and as you need them. More sessions can be added if you need to later, at a special rate.
  • A 90 minute business intensive session which we can use at the start of the program to map out your year; or to focus on a specific project; or break into 3, 30 minute “touch up or emergency” calls in between your other sessions.
  • Voxer support: very topical for emergent problems arising after our calls.
  • Level 2 includes everything above PLUS ample Voxer access (Monday-Thursday) and marketing copy review.

What’s the real value of joining Soul-on-Tap?
My clients have told me that having a year-long energetic container of customized soul support has been super valuable as it illuminates new opportunities, helps them navigate blindspots and roadblocks and fleshes out new work (or an entire body of work) that wasn’t on their radar previously.
More importantly, their business is a real-time reflection of their spiritual evolution.
Plus, they have the peace of mind of knowing that they have a trusted guide “on retainer” that knows them and their business intimately and that’s available as needed.
Next step:

If we’ve already worked together and you feel this is a great addition to your business and personal growth, email me back and we can discuss the details.

If we have not yet worked together, and you fit the criteria above, email me and we’ll schedule a time for a brief call so I can make sure the program will support your goals.

=> You can read all the details here.

So many of us are undergoing deep shifts and having a container of on-going support from a trusted guide may be just the medicine to allow your business growth to beautifully reflect, in real-time, your personal growth as well.

I have three spots available.


P.S.: Extended payment plans are available on an as-needed basis.

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