I am often haunted and inspired by Albert Einstein’s quote: “The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.” 

And this quote encapsulates so much of what we are individually and collectively grappling with: our deeper relationship to God, our Divinity and building a partnership with our Souls and a consciousness that’s greater than ourselves.

So it’s no surprise that the women coming to me right now for sessions have different, richer and deeper ASKS.

They are asking to step truly into the CALLING of what’s calling to them right now.

They aren’t REALLY asking for more money, more business clients or a better business model, even though it takes the form of business questions.

Rather, they are being asked to to have the deeper, more disruptive conversations that are ready to be had with themselves AND for them to share with the collective.

This means their MESSAGE wants to go deeper, get clearer and hit more nerves.

In a recent client session, the conversation was about supporting women leaders to reclaim their relationship to God. And she is in the business and leadership space (edgy, right?).

What came through was that until we repair the cracks we’ve had to our relationship to God, we aren’t fully in our power, our wholeness and the full scope of our leadership potential.

I was so excited because my personal rupture with my relationship to God has become very evident as something that’s calling to be witnessed and healed. To clarify, the healing of the relationship to God, has nothing to do with a religious denomination, manipulation or putting people into boxes. Quite the opposite, in fact.

Rather, it’s a heartfelt invitation to step into freedom by removing the influence that a ruptured relationship with God has had in how we show up in every single aspect of our lives. Because how we relate to God is how we relate to ourselves, others and the world.

I believe that our personal relationship to God is a core wound that is being asked to be examined by us all and it’s not an easy conversation to be had.

And the conversations YOU are being asked to have, I suspect are no different in nature (think edgy, disruptive, deep).

We have to be willing to have them.

We have to feel held, safe and with the capacity to confront the deeper emotions we’ve been running from.

We have to be willing to take ownership of our choices AND the consequences of those choices for ourselves AND others (with compassion).

The beauty of these recent Akashic Business Readings, aka Divine appointments, has been to open the mat of the deeper conversations that we are being called to have as leaders, and that the collective is asking for. In our session, the confirmation and articulation of the message is anchored so you can then go out into the world and disrupt in the way that you are uniquely poised to do. 

It may be a journey you’ve recently gone through or it may be one that will support you in your healing as well.

I love seeing the depth of the conversations we are having because we are inviting ourselves and others to explore the fullness of our Divine experience as humans and to be way-showers for others to lead their purpose-driven lives.

If you’ve been on the fence about booking a session with me, I truly invite you to not hold back. The richness of these conversations is incredible and so are the next steps that come through for you with precision, resonance and possibility.

Many of us are stepping into new chapters of our contribution and seasons of life.  And what’s been asked of us is evolving in beautiful ways that feel both like a rebirth and a total transformation. And this is what you, as a Soulfluent® Leader, are on the planet to do.

This special lasts through August 31, 2023 although you can book it whenever you are ready. It includes a 30 minute follow-up call as well.

If you’ve already purchased a session and you’d like to add more, feel free to book a few more. Please share this with a colleague.

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To your sweet success,



Client feedback has been amazing. Here what one client wrote me right after her session:

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