I opened up the Akashic Records of my newsletter list and here’s your seasonal channeled transmission. I’d love to hear how it lands for you.

What do you wish to share with my community today?

Get out.

Get out of the house.

Get out of your rut.

Get out of your head.

Get into your heart.

Get back INTO the world.

Get back INTO your own LIFE.

Take a pause to examine your day-to-day and your own life.

Where are things ho-hum?

Where have you stopped trying?

Where can you reactivate your sense of wonder, curiosity, aliveness and allow yourself to FEEL MORE ALIVE?

We don’t minimize or discount all that you’ve been and continue going through.

And today – our clear reminder to you is to get out and to START LIVING AGAIN.

Life has NOT stopped just because you’re sad and in pain.

Life hasn’t stopped being full of wonder because you’ve stopped seeing it and choosing it for yourself.

Life hasn’t stopped being miraculous even if you don’t feel like you’ve been experiencing miracles (to which we say: “Are you willing to revisit that perspective?).

We want you OUT and LIVING again.

Buy new clothes.

Try on a new lipstick.

Go to a new social function and join a new community or group.

Put some skin in the game and get out into the world and meet new people, have new experiences, try new foods, travel to new places and get out into the world again.

You will feel alive when you do what you love AND you are experiencing new things.

You must get out of the mental worry of feeling sorry for yourself, of expecting too little for fear that you’ll be disappointed (yet again) or for fear that life will be too much for you.

It won’t.

You are being too much for yourself when you focus on the negative stuff and on the past.

There is SO MUCH GOODNESS for you to be focusing on right here, right now and right in this body of yours.

Stop living vicariously through the social media posts of others and start posting your own life adventures.

Start cataloguing all the goodness that life has to offer you.

Start embracing the beauty that surrounds you.

Start asking for support and connections to meet new people.

Feel the butterflies of trying something new.

Feel the wonder of not knowing what will happen next (in a really good way).

Say yes before you can talk yourself out of something.

Say no to boring and normal.

Throw out all dingy clothes that depress you.

Buy new things.

Try new things.

Live a more EXPANDED LIFE.

It will feel uncomfortable and odd for a short while. But then the magic and deliciousness of living life to the fullest again will become contagious and you will wonder why you hadn’t started soonerl

There are amazing people in the world that are just waiting to meet you.

There are incredible experiences waiting to be had if you just say yes.

There are amazing new insights to be garnered if you just say yes.

Start getting back into the mindset of who you were PRE-pandemic.

Go to an event.

Start a new club or circle.

Join a MeetUp.

Change your daily routines and how you get to and from certain places.

Reactive parts of your personality (playful, sassy, adventurous, silly etc) and see how that brightens up your world.

And for the love of God – get OUT of your own darn head. It’s killing you (LOL).

Get out into nature. Get out of your rut and start living again.

Is there something this community needs to heal or focus on?

Establish or revisit your core routines.

How do you start your day?

How do you end your day?

When, where and how do you make time for WHAT’S SACRED each day?

How are you connecting with yourself and the people that are important to you in your daily lives?

How are you nourishing your bodies and spirits?

What have you been TOLERATING and HOPING for but not acting on to change?

What have you dreaming about but not pulling the trigger on to create?

What have you been LONGING FOR that you have begun to lose hope will materialize?

Where have you been listening, for too long to naysayers, instead of the beat of your own heart’s desire?

Where are you ready to pull the trigger and to say YES but just haven’t because you’ve been trepidatious?

Where have you been holding out on investing in self-care, well-being and treatments and routines that will support your health, vitality and sanity?

Book the nanny. Schedule the trip. Write up the sales page. Call the therapist. Book a session with that healer.

Don’t wait any longer.

Get out of you own head and of your own ruts and start living again.

Life is here for you – for ALL of your wishes and desires.

Say YES to yourself again, and again, and again, and again.

Is there anything else for this community to choose, to know or to understand right now?

Make life your blessing not a chore.

Make life a delight, not a bore.

Make your life exquisite because that’s what’s available to you.



Congregate with new, like-minded people and stop doing things alone.

It’s too much for you to hold, to bear, to witness and to dream alone. It’s not that you can’t. It’s just not as effective this way.

Do the thing.

Say the thing.

Hold the thing.

Choose the thing.

Over and over and over again.

Change your core routines.

Enact new ones.

Start communing with your soul and co-creating with IT and stop commiserating over what’s not here, what’s not right, what’s not true, and with that’s wrong.

Stop blaming money, yourself, the world, people and start LIVING.

You cannot blame anyone if you aren’t choosing yourself, your joy, your LIFE.

Baby steps child.

Baby steps and now is not the time to stumble, to wonder, to worry.

Now is the time to ENJOY, to ACT to SHAKE THINGS UP!

Watch out for those excuses.

Watch out for those old stories and beliefs.

Watch out. Watch out. Watch out.

You have been scaring yourself.

Time to delight in yourself.

Notice where fear has taken a grip of your joy and your sanity and RECLAIM YOUR LIFE AND YOUR SANITY.

Make the hard choices.

Get help when needed.

Start LIVING again and again and again and again,

Don’t wait until or when or for something.

Your life is available to you right now, right now, right now,


All is well.

Choose you.

Get really clear on what you want and desire,

If you need help – Priscilla is here for you – or choose a guide or friend you trust.

We, your guides, are ALWAYS HERE FOR YOU. Show us your deepest desires. Claim them for yourself.

All is well.

You’ve got this.

We will return soon with more soul support for you,

You are so loved.

Remember, you are ALWAYS DEEPLY AND FULLY SUPPORTED, even when you feel ever so alone.

Call on us.

Call on God.

Call on forgiveness.

Call on mercy.

Call on LIFE.

And REBOOT yourself back into LIVING FULLY.

Until next time.

=> What action steps will you take? Don’t hold back. Now is the time.

{Records Closed}

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