Happy 2018.

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I love the fresh energy that comes with turning the calendar page to a new year. It’s an exciting time to dream about all the possibilities ahead for growth, learning and creation.

Perhaps you are eager to surpass a particular income level or, to work with more nourishing clients, to launch your flagship program or to build an engaged community of amazing women.

And beyond the excitement, let me ask you:

Do you have an aligned plan to actualize your goals?

Are you genuinely excited about your business this year?

Or are you uncertain, afraid that you’ll repeat next year and wondering what’s next?

If you’re anything like me, you have many ideas, projects and ways that you want to grow in your business.

And yet, before I dared dive into the many exciting 2018 projects (a new book, an oracle deck etc.), I am spending the first two weeks of January, focusing on the core foundations of my business with my coach. I have bold goals this year and I know that doing this critical work will yield a big ROI and inform my core choices for the year.

And coincidentally, it’s the primary reason my clients come to work with me. This is because when you have a solid foundation in your business, your business runs a LOT more smoothly and profitably.

So today, before you go any further in your year, I want to go over the 3 core foundation elements of a business that need to be in place so you a) connect with your audience; b) have a clear roadmap to connect with your clients and c) make consistent money in your business.

I know this is a longer post and I trust that it is worth your time.

3 core business foundations (see where you rate yourself on each from 1-10):

  1. MESSAGE: What do you stand for? What is the essence of your business? What do people know you for?
  2. MARKETING: How are you connecting with prospects and clients (online and offline)? Do you have a reliable, consistent and enjoyable way to share value, content and your brilliance with the world?
  3. YOUR OFFERS: Do your programs and offers allow you to support your clients to achieve their results in a way that showcases your brilliance, that’s fun and that’s profitable?

A misalignment or lack of clarity in any one of these areas can cause stagnation, confusion and a spinning energy that’s both an energetic and profit leak in your business.

And while we are all a work in progress and these foundation elements can and often do shift, having clarity with them is crucial for sustainable and profitable success.

Building and growing a business is akin to building a house. And yet, I often see entrepreneurs hire an interior designer and start looking at fabric swatches and bathroom tiles before they’ve hired the architect and contractor who will be building the solid foundation and structure for their home. Don’t put the cart before the horse.

Structure and clarity are what allow us the freedom to create.

Signs that your business foundation needs some work:

#1 Your Message:

Symptom: You talk about a lot of different topics but people don’t know what you do or who to refer to you because they aren’t clear on exactly who you help and how you help them.

For example: you do Reiki, you help people overcome a breakup, find their soulmate, you do coaching, essential oils, Desire Mapping etc… People know the modalities of what you do but they don’t know HOW the pieces make sense to help solve their problems or what you are stand for.

Now, if you say that you help people find a romantic partner and to practice self-love and you do that by helping them get clear on who they want to attract and to release blocks in the way of finding love, that’s a LOT clearer to a prospect. And how you do it is secondary.

Note: It’s ok that you like to do several things and to not “niche” yourself in one modality. And the good news is that you don’t have to. However, your message must INSPIRE you AND your clients to want to get to know you and your work better.

An unclear message – how it shows up day-to-day: You aren’t sure what content to put out into the world; what you share doesn’t have a cohesive core possibility or message that people resonate with and that connects the dots in their mind so people seem confused about what you do, you get spotty responses from your marketing and you don’t know how to confidently answer the “what do you do and who do you help?” question.

Nugget: People pay you to actualize their dreams and to solve their problems, not for a modality. You get to connect the dots for them.

#2: Marketing:

Symptom: Your marketing is scattered, inconsistent, ineffective and you “hate marketing.”

What is marketing? Marketing is simply a set of ways in which you choose to provide value and to connect with your target audience (online and offline).

The #3 biggest marketing mistakes I see often are:

  1. People over-complicate their marketing by trying too many things at once, thereby feeling overwhelmed and not taking action,
  2. Choosing marketing avenues they hate but feel they “should do” to succeed.
  3. They have no marketing plan because they don’t know what to do so they “wing it” or go after bright shiny objects rather than trusting themselves.

In each case, they don’t market themselves effectively because they aren’t enjoying what they are doing, aren’t getting the desired results and then surprise, surprise, they come back to “I hate marketing.”

How you show up energetically in your marketing (your enjoyment level) matters because it shows. The beauty of being in business is that you get to choose where you focus your time so why not connect with your customers in a way that’s enjoyable for you?

Another mistake I see: people relying on expensive, automated online solutions (Facebook ads, funnels, fancy lead generation options) to do their marketing for them as a way to delegate responsibility for their results and/or as a way to hide from connecting directly with their audience. Again, think of hiring an interior designer before the architect. There’s nothing wrong with these options, if you choose them after you are clear on your core business foundations.

The solution: Keep it simple.

I often find that the most successful marketers are the ones that:

  • Identify 1-3 core ways to market themselves online and offline that they ENJOY and
  • Have a consistent way to share their work with the world

For example: You may do a workshop or a webinar a month, offer a signature talk and do a newsletter and some Facebook lives. Then rinse and repeat.

The 3 simple strategies I used to make $18k in the last 40 working days of 2017:

  1. I did Facebook lives and organic written posts (when I was inspired) and made an offer
  2. I continued writing my newsletters (weekly)
  3. I reached out individually by email to clients and people I intuitively felt would want my work and invited them to consider a recent offer.

The nugget: I kept it very simple and inexpensive. I was inspired by what I was offering and I followed my intuition. And my excitement was palpable and my offers were congruent with my message.

The golden question I asked myself daily was: “What is the possibility that people are asking for that I can support them with today?”.

When your marketing is off, you:

  • Procrastinate on marketing yourself because you don’t like what you are doing
  • You scatter your energy way too thin or pay other people to figure out or “to do your marketing” for you and doing business and making money feels hard and draining
  • You are hustling (ick!), on the “feast or famine” hamster wheel and doing what you can to make ends meet each month
  • You judge yourself and you tell yourself that you suck at marketing (truth is you don’t!)
  • Pushing yourself to market but you hate every moment of it
  • You may be coming from an energy of lack, fear or even desperation and even putting pressure on a client to “save you”.
  • You are inconsistent. You try something and if it doesn’t work you stop, you say you’re bad at it, it doesn’t work for you and you go after new shiny objects, trainings or gurus that promise “fast results”.
  • You are working IN the business and the minutia vs as the CEO of your business and in your zone of genius.
  • Your brand is out-of-date or misaligned and it’s time to rebrand.


Your offers are how you help deliver results and solutions to your clients in a way that showcases your brilliance, is profitable and fun for you.

The key to successful offers is that:

  • You love offering them
  • They provide clear and simple ways that your clients know how to pay you and that meets them where they are while providing incredible value.
  • There are different price points and levels with which clients can work with you.
  • They are cohesive with your message.
  • They allow you to make great money without burning yourself out.

For example (keep in mind there’s tons of room for creativity and customization):

You can have an introductory offer: to give people a taste of working with you, especially if they are new to you, and that’s relatively low risk financially. This can be an introductory paid session, a DIY course or something similar.

For me, that’s often an intuitive business reading or a Soul Leadership Archetype session (both under $300 although intro offers can be lower than that).

A mid-tier level: This can be a group program or a medium-term 1:1 program that allows you to help people with a specific issue.

A higher-end level offer: This can be a longer-term program or a program that offers accelerated results (like a VIP day) that requires a bigger financial and time commitment.

Your pricing: Should reflect the value that your offer provides your client (don’t just think hours for money) and should feel like it nourishes you financially and energetically (i.e. it’s worth it to you?).

NuggetWhen thinking about an offer, think about dating. Perhaps people aren’t ready to start a long relationship (a higher end offer) but they are ready to go for coffee (your intro offer). Give people options that make sense for where they are on their journey and that clearly helps them where they are.

When you think about your offerings, how do you imagine yourself helping your clients? Do you dream of doing international retreats, being creative, teaching more, doing 1:1 or group?

There is no one way to offer services to your clients but you must LOVE them ☺

Addressing, these core parts of the foundation in your business can create massive positive shifts in your level of joy, confidence AND income.

When your core business foundation is on point you and your prospects get:

CLEAR: on what you are stand for and your message

CONGRUENT: with how you are showing up energetically, your offers and your marketing

COHESIVE: understanding of your brand that breeds personal confidence and inspires and magnetizes opportunities and clients to say yes to working with you.

When the core foundation of your business isn’t clear or aligned, you stop yourself from sharing your brilliance and getting well paid for it. Over time it affects your self-confidence, you avoid marketing yourself and being more visible which increases your anxiety over money, and worse of all, you can start doubting your magic with questions like: “Am I really cut for this? Should I be doing something else?”. The stagnant or spinning energy then permeates into other areas of your life and the cycle continues.

So, what part of your business foundation do you need to focus on first in your business this year? Are you clear on what needs alignment?

If you’d like support in creating a solid business foundation that enables consistent income, more joy with your marketing and that allows you to connect with clients you love, I’d love to talk to you and see how I can help.


During the call, we’ll identify the core foundation area(s) that needs work, how to shift that and if either of us think it’s warranted, how I may be able to help you moving forward.

Trust me when I say from experience, that when you have a solid foundation in your business, you sleep better at night, you have a LOT more fun and your confidence level shoots through the roof. And all of this is incredibly magnetic for new business and HAPPINESS.

Plus, one of my sweet spots is in making sure that your business growth SUPPORTS the lifestyle you want to lead. I’m all about holistic success.

And if you’re not having fun in your business, are you open to a new approach to doing it in 2018?

Here’s to a magical and solid business year!

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