Inauguration day has come here in the United States.

It is the dawn of a new era and one where, I believe we are called to rise into our power; to amplify our voice and to ignite the change we are here to be in the world.

Womens March

This is Alex and I at the San Diego Women’s March (so awesome!)

If this resonates for you, I am writing to invite you to step into a new level of leadership not only in your life and work but also for the collective good.

I just completed my first Soul Leadership Activation Session and it inspired me to share with you what the session is REALLY about on this timely date in our history.

It’s about elevating the conversation you are having and the role that you get to choose to play as a leader in the world. I find that to be so amazing.

The definition of leadership, within the paradigm of Soul Leadership in my book, is CONTRIBUTION.

And the biggest defining characteristic of Soul Leadership is leadership that supports everyone it touches: i.e. the COLLECTIVE.

In my client’s session today, we saw how her primary archetype of Artist and sub-dominant ones of Inspirer, Alchemist and Magician were an invitation for her to not only share more of her magic but also to help her clients be their magic in the world.

My client is a graphic designer and also helps her clients tap into their creative muse.

In her session, she saw how she can use her natural gifts, her natural leadership style (conversation and holding sacred space) to elevate how people see themselves and the choices they make to unleash their magic and brilliance into the world.

Isn’t that just so awesome?

In essence, we were elevating the level to which she operates in the world by adding the layer of contribution that extends BEYOND herself and her business.  For her that may look like tithing, volunteering and ultimately supporting something greater than herself (i.e. the COLLECTIVE).

The session put into words what she had already been contemplating in her mind but wasn’t quite sure how to articulate into her life in a way that felt organic and joyful.

So it’s clear to me that this session is definitely NOT for people who aren’t ready or open to stepping into leadership that speaks to the collective good in some way.

I’m sharing this with you because I am just so genuinely excited to see how this work around Soul Leadership has the power to truly change the world – by helping you amplify your voice, be a stand for what you believe in and to ignite real change YOUR WAY.

You matter.

In my client’s session the guides shared that while we are all unique as snowflakes, we hold the equal seed of potential within us to change the world.

So be the light. 

Do not allow yourself to be swayed or pulled into chaos of the darkness.  Simply see the role of darkness for what it is: an ignitor for change.  It is through polarity that change is sparked.

I wouldn’t be inviting you to step into leadership without sharing a gift to do it powerfully.

It’s my Soul Leadership Manifesto.


It is a channeled swift kick in the pants to keep you going on the days when you don’t feel like showing up and RISING. It’s my gift to you.


Print it out and if you are inspired, write your own manifesto.

P.S.: Did reading today’s blog post tickle your desire to book a Soul Leadership Activation Session? I have 4 spots left at the beta level.  Books yours here.