I’ve found out that yes, you can be too polished in your marketing. 🤣

This week, some colleagues shared with me that they thought that despite my branding and content being beautiful, it felt like I was hiding.

In fact, it was too perfect and too polished they exclaimed.

They craved seeing more vulnerable parts of me. Parts that were uncomfortable for me to share and that I felt were just plain ugly and messy.

Coincidentally, this came on the heels of listening to a recording made in late 2019 with a business intuitive.

In that session, she was doing an energetic assessment of my business and shared that the energy of my business was of falsehood.

I cringed because part of me felt it to be true.

Not because I was being disingenuous or out of integrity in the running of my business or the delivery of my services.

My interpretation was that it was because I wasn’t being fully myself in terms of how much I was sharing of myself with the world.

=> So, how is this relevant in our times in business?

We are craving a real connection and resonance with the people we buy from, and this can be especially the case from people who do transformational and paradigm-shifting work like me.

Seeing someone too perfect after a (short) while gets old and we crave more depth.

This doesn’t at all mean revealing deeply intimate parts of ourselves that we don’t really feel safe sharing about or that aren’t relevant to our work.

It means, feeling comfortable enough in our own skin and perhaps with our own messy, uncomfortable and unlovable parts, to not let them hold us back from saying what we really want to say, when and how we really want to say it.

It’s funny how just last week as I was walking Lily, I started pondering (yet again) my immense distaste for being around young children.

I had always wondered why I had such a viscerally negative and deep aversion to young children.

Remembering that what I dislike in others, is simply a mirror for what I dislike or am disowning within myself – that I realized the why:

Messy = unlovable.

More specifically, being messy meant being unprofessional. Unprofessional meant looking like I didn’t know what I was doing.

And if that was the case, I wouldn’t be taken seriously, be liked and die poor and destitute under a bridge (dramatic but true in my system).

I had internalized the corporate/ cultural/ good girl notion that to be taken seriously as a professional meant looking polished and like you had your act together all of the time.

And somewhere in there, I had taken it to mean that any parts that were messy, were highly unwelcome, and dangerous, in fact.

It was a fascinating and rather liberating realization.

I won’t stop being polished because I love things to look beautiful and ‘on brand’.

And, the work ahead is in integrating the shadow parts as well – and loving on them so they can also impart their beauty, wisdom and insights to me and those who follow me.

This process is still very much exploratory and this post is an example of me exploring my inner landscape and sharing a bit more of my inner rumblings and leadership edges with you.

I shared this content last week in a Facebook post and was pleasantly surprised to see the amount of supportive responses I received.

So, where can you be more free in how you show up and express yourself? Where can you give love to the parts you find unlovable in yourself AND others?

To your sweet success,


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