This week I was featured in SD Voyager Magazine where I was asked to share my professional journey and how I got to doing what I do.

The short version is that it’s been windy as hell with countless dark nights of the soul. Through it all, I’ve gained a deeper and humbling appreciation for the beauty of the full journey and have become who I am today because of it all.

And chances are that you too have chosen the path less traveled. This path has likely entailed coming to terms with the fact that you won’t always fit in, that people may not understand your choices, your lifestyle and the impossibly ‘irresponsible” or “crazy” choices you make.

But being a Mystic, a seeker and a visionary means you see, know, perceive and choose things that others don’t.

So to you the visionary, I salute you today.

For having the courage to take a baby step or a leap and in so doing, forging a path all your own – no maps, no formulas and nothing but your faith, gumption and a knowing that doing anything else isn’t even possible.

Wherever you may find yourself this week on your soul’s journey, I’d like to invite you to reflect on how far you HAVE COME and on how well you ARE DOING.

Here are 3 short steps to remind you of your awesomeness:

1. Take a moment to celebrate how far you have come.

Write in your journal, start a gratitude practice to reflect on what IS GOING RIGHT. FOCUS on the good and you will feel good. You get to be your own best advocate and cheerleader.

2. Reflect on past moments of uncertainty and transition and the GIFTS you learned about yourself during that time.

How are you now stronger/wiser because you overcame a life cycle?

3. What simple practice can you put into place to be KIND and LOVING on yourself?

Perhaps it’s a yoga class, a walk in nature, a talk with a friend, a time-out for a weekend with no phone access or listening to podcasts or videos that uplift you.What have your body, spirit and mind been asking for? Where can you add more nourishment and living to your daily routine?Feed yourself with high vibe activities and people and your life will improve. J

And if you’d like to read my story in SD Voyager Magazine, click here.

To your sweet success,


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