Happy New year!

I woke up excited today to share some inspiring new soul guidance to support you in creating your magical life in 2018.

I opened up the Akashic Records of my Sweet Path Wellness email newsletter list and asked the questions below.

Scroll down for the answers.

I hope the information shared by your guides resonates with your heart and supports you in living a life of joy, abundance and possibility.

Upon opening the Records of the group of my email list I asked the following:

NOTE: If you prefer an audio version of the channeled message, you can download it HERE.

“What does this group (my email newsletter list) need to know right now?”

It’s time, sweet one, to take ACTION on your DREAMS.

Don’t delay.

Don’t worry.

Don’t fuss or overcomplicate.


Before your mind and your current reality start to pull you away from the fullness of your desires, write them down.


Write it down and claim it. Don’t give yourself time to overthink it and to talk yourself out of it.

This is a new year,

A new energetic cycle of possibility.

This is a time for new beginnings, second and first chances and for YOUR BIG DREAMS.

After all, if not now, then WHEN?

If you knew you couldn’t go wrong, what would you choose?

Where would you LIVE?

Who would you be in PARTNERSHIP WITH (in life and business – be specific)?

How much MONEY AND PROFIT would you like to make?

What new program or offering(s) would you like to share with the world?

What CRAZY IDEAS do you have that you haven’t fully allowed yourself to own and to claim for this year?

#2: What is your ACTION PLAN TO GET THERE?

Action is required to create your reality.

However, it doesn’t have to be complicated, expensive (necessarily) or difficult.


Is it a choice to start researching a new home to live?

A new office space to co-create your magic?

A new wardrobe and more vitality so you can feel your most RADIANT?

Is it to burn old love letters and to create a new slate for new love and more aligned love to enter your life in 2018?

Is it to purchase a new car?

Launch your next book?

Offer your mastermind program?

Travel the world and sell your belongings?

Have a new relationship with your body and money?

What DESIRE ARE YOU READY TO CLAIM and what ALIGNED action are you willing to take – that FIRST NEXT STEP – to make it a reality?

Look at the wheel of your life and choose 1-3 areas to focus on.

  • Money and wealth
  • Health and vitality
  • Career/Business/Purpose
  • Home environment
  • Love and relationships
  • Friendships and Community/Sisterhood
  • Spirituality and connection to self
  • Joy and radiance
  • Spaciousness

Pick a few and write down:

  1. How do you want to FEEL in each of these areas throughout the year?
  2. What is that #1 ACTION STEP you can take right away to move you in the DIRECTION of your dreams?

Then take that action joyfully and with happy anticipation.

You’ve got this.

You’re ready.

There is no need or time to delay.

Set your dreams in motion with focused energy and inspired action.

Keep believing.

Keep asking what it will take to actualize your dreams with ease and abundance in 2018 and lean into the infinite possibilities.

What is the common block for this group and how do they heal it?

Overcomplicating things.

Just because you cannot see the HOW of it all coming together should NOT stop you from taking action with what you know now.

The process will continue to unfold IN FAITH and through ACTION.

Don’t let the not knowing of all of the HOW-TO’s stop you from moving forward or derailing your beliefs in how magically your dreams can and will come to pass.

You must believe.

You must believe as if your life depended on it.

If not you, then who will believe?

You know what your heart truly wants.

You know it’s available to you at any given moment.

Choose you.

Choose your dreams.

Never, ever let them go.

Where there is the desire, so is the ability to create it.

Keep believing.

Keep asking: “What else is possible here that I haven’t yet imagined?”

Keep staying curious and in positive anticipation.

What else does this group need to know right now?

The possibilities are only as limited as your mindset.

Your job is to follow your awareness and your desires without worry or concern as to how it will all unfold.

Us, your guides and the Universe are here to support you so leave the rest to us. Your job is to stay focused, adjust as necessary and to stay 100% in FAITH and BELIEF that you CAN HAVE what you desire.

Care for yourself with the utmost care so that your energetic vibration, your body, your radiance and your joy are palpable, magnetic and a magnet for what you truly desire.

Do you truly want ease?

Then stay clear and be the energetic beacon for ease.

Your energetic state is critical to how quickly and magically life will show up for you.

Keep showing up for yourself and allow the rest to unfold magically before your eyes.

Do your part and leave the HOW to the Universe.

We’re on it.

We’ve got this.

What final message do you wish to share with this group?

Embrace joy and new possibilities.

Believe in your dreams with the knowing that they are already here. Would you really doubt then?

Trust yourself.

Trust your dreams.

What you do not yet know, you can have people and resources come into your life to support you with that.

Don’t stop or allow obstacles to hinder your progress.

Keep asking what’s your next step?

Keep taking exceptionally good care of yourself.

Keep believing.

Keep being the magical, gorgeous and most Divine you.

You’ve got this.

Now keep believing and leaning into your childhood wonder.

What else IS possible now when you fully choose you, your life and your reality?

We cannot wait to see what unfolds and what magic you will create this year.

You are so loved.

You are so supported.

You have SO got this.

And when you wonder HOW will I do this? Ask instead: “What will it take for this to turn out even better than I could have imagined?”

{Records closed}

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