On this month that we celebrate love, I’m sharing a channeled transmission from the Akashic Records for you to provide support, healing and comfort.

Below is the message for you:

“There is only one thing that truly matters in this world and that is LOVE.

Not the romantic or the conditional kind, but the kind that radiates from your Soul and that asks for nothing in return but gratitude and acceptance.

It’s hard to imagine loving someone without wanting or needing something in return.

And yet; what if this was our NEW STANDARD?

Love for love’s sake: clean, unadulterated, untainted by fear, obligation, guilt or external demands.

What would life BE like in this case?

What would life FEEL like in this case?

We could tell you there is so much more to it than this, but we’d be lying.

So much of what’s gotten us “tangled up in blue” as Bob Dylan would say, is all the conditions we’ve placed on love to make ourselves feel loved and lovable.

But what if? What if, our work wasn’t to seek love but to be loved just for who we are?

What if we allowed ourselves to be REALLY SEEN through the EYES of LOVE and to allow the magic of pure love heal and cure us of our entanglements from the past?

What if we allowed ourselves to just BE and that was enough.

Imagine being on the receiving end of unadulterated, unburdened love.

Imagine receiving pure love just because you exist and you are perfect as you are.

Imagine loving life just because it’s enough.

Imagine loving yourself just because you exist.

It’s time for us to revisit and to redefine what love’s all about and we can assure you that it has nothing to do with conditions and everything to do with the pure act of loving for the sake of loving.

If you aren’t willing to love for the sake of loving, then don’t love.

If you aren’t willing to give for the sake of giving, then don’t give.

If you aren’t willing to receive for the pure joy of receiving, then don’t ask.

We want you to get REALLY HONEST with yourself around your TRUE MOTIVATIONS behind loving yourself and another.

Do you have something to prove?

Do you have something you expect?

Do you have something to deny or to hide?


Who would you have to be(come)?

What would you have to believe about love and about loving yourself?

What would you have to believe about life and the Universe/God?

What would you have to heal around past hurt from old wounds?

What is YOUR pure definition of LOVE?

Where you don’t need it, but rather, you choose it from a higher perspective of unconditionality and true resourcefulness?

Love is always the answer and it is always the medicine.

Where can you give yourself, your relationships, your body, your business MORE LOVE?

Choose love and the way forward will become abundantly clear.

We love you so much.

You are so loved.”

{Records closed}

To your sweet success,


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To your sweet success,


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