Money, yes, here I am, and there you are.

We are reiterating, yet again, that I am you, and that you are me.

We are one in the same energies.

Take a moment to contemplate that you and I and the Universe, and Higher Consciousness, we are EXACTLY the same energy.

We are made from the same frequency, we can create similar things AND we can also cause harm when misunderstood. Not on purpose, of course, but we can.

Let’s talk about harm for a moment.

Harming of self.

Harming of others.

Harming of dreams, desires and wants.

An inflation of our fears.

A deflation of our desires.

An increase on potential.

A decrease in passion.

A massive hiatus from Self.

A small entry into the ego.

Money is a beautiful teacher of contrasts and polarity.

It gets us to look at where we desire something deeply.

It gets us to look at where we are willing to sell out (in small and larger ways).

It gets us to look at where we are on that scale of self-love, integrity and honesty.

It’s a beautiful gauge or barometer, if you will, of SELF-LOVE.

So how do you YOU gauge where you are on the scale of money consciousness?

Here are some questions to contemplate:

1. Are you happy with your life in general? Notice, how this question makes you feel in your body.

2. Do you like/love where you live? Not because of others’ perceptions but how it makes you feel and by how at home it makes you be.

3. Do you like the things where you live, what you wear and the things that you touch on a daily basis?

4. Do you like/love the people in your life right now?

5. Do you like/love your business? How its run, your role in it and the clients you work with and how much you charge for your work?

6. Do you have debt? If so, what’s your relationship to it?

7. On a scale of 1-10, what’s your relationship to money (*i.e., how do you feel about money in your body when you think about it)? What emotions does it conjure in you?

8. If money were a colour or a shape, what would it look and feel like?

9. What’s in the way of you deepening your relationship to yourself (aka money and the Divine)?

10. What wants to be forgiven in order for you to feel more free to embrace money as YOURSELF?

These are some simple gateway questions to take a pulse on your relationship to money and also for you to feel into the emotions that come up.

We know these aren’t easy questions and that you may think that you’ve answered these questions before. It’s true, you may have.

But you haven’t in this moment and not in this sequential order.

Start to notice the patterns, to connect the dots, to pay attention to the emotions that surface and to the space that’s opening up for more depth, connection, release and forgiveness.

It’s amazing how much space opens up when you forgive… all the people, all the things and most importantly yourself.

See you again soon.

We love you so much. You are so loved.

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