This is the third and final channeled message from the Akashic Records on Money.

Today we are talking about consciousness.

The places where consciousness already lies in your relationships with money and where it is still hiding in the shadows.

The places where more love and attention are needed, and where more flexibility and release can happen as well.

First, let’s start with the good news.

You’ve made incredible strides with your relationship to money.

You’ve looked deep, you’ve done inner work, you’ve budgeted, you’ve imagined your dream life, you’ve created money habits, you’ve allowed yourself to work with your Higher Self and you’re still in the “let’s figure money out” game.

You want to know how to have more of it.

You desire to have more flow with money,

You long for days when money isn’t such a top-of-mind topic ; where it’s no longer something that feels like it’s holding you back from having the things and the experiences that you desire.

We understand you, loud and clear.

But this has nothing to do with money because, again, money is simply a mirror of your ability to receive, your understanding of how money flows, of your innate blueprint for abundance and a true, genuine desire to COMMUNE with the energy of money (aka the energy of the Divine, however you define that for yourself).

Money isn’t a mystery.

The mystery lies in unraveling your relationship to yourself.

How you think and feel about yourself?

What you think you are capable of?

The patterns, habits and thoughts that, through deep conditioning, keep you in loops of highs and lows, shaming and blaming and wondering “how to figure this thing out called money that I need more of.”

See how not much of you or your relationship to Divinity is included in this conversation?

Let’s remind you that you aren’t broken. You’ve felt so unsuccessful in your attempts at “winning the game of money” that you’ve turned the narrative on yourself, assuming, alas as the last resort, that if you can’t figure money out, that you must be wrong.

Zero shame zone here.

No guilt allowed zone here.

You are BRILLIANT with money is the only conversation what we really choose to have.

Yes – there is more excavating required around old patterns and habits and drivers of your behaviour that are valuable to unravel including why you feel that you NEED money in ways that feel so visceral.

Money is you and you are money and yet the notion that something outside yourself, has greater than power than you feel about your innate power, is where the work remains.

Where do you, without even realizing it, feel the NEED to stay small, to compromise, to be perfect, to out-compete others, to outshine others, even if it is for the highest good of all?

What’s money REALLY here to teach you?

You must get clear on what’s DRIVING your behaviours and recurring patterns with money.

You must be willing to contemplate a relationship with the Divine and that requires looking at any hooks, vows, betrayals, shame, guilt, anger, fears and desires that you have related to money.

These are a reflection of you.

Because the Truth is that:

Money wants you WHOLE.

Money wants you HAPPY.

Money wants you ALIVE.

Money wants you THRIVING.

Not suffering.

Not hoping and wishing.

Not trying whatever latest fix.

Not thinking that you are permanently broken with money and at the game of life.

This isn’t about having luck or being lucky either.

It’s about your relationship to yourself on the deepest of levels.


When you read this sentence above, what comes up for you? Are you happy? Sad? Angry? Defeated? Elated?

What IS your current relationship to God/Higher Self/Consciousness/the Universe?

Take a pause and truly ask yourself: “How do I feel about my own Divinity?”

Then ask yourself: “How you I feel about my humanity? Those parts of you that you dislike, that you suppress, that you are embarrassed and ashamed.?

What could they teach you about your divinity?

What can they show you about your brilliance?

Where can they illuminate the real Truth about you, your desires, your goals and the goodness in you?

Where can you love, the unlovable? The unforgivable, the insurmountable?

This is where you set yourself FREE.

This is where the magic happens.

Take some time to let all of this seep in.

We are grateful for you’ve joined us in this series.

We are hopeful that more shifts are upon the horizon for you as you look at money (aka yourself) from the perspective of your Divinity, not JUST your humanity.

As you are able to integrate, embrace and to navigate your humanity with the grace it calls for? And to call upon your Divinity and your guides and angels to support you?

When you do, you will naturally have more PEACE. You will embrace more flow because you’ll understand and embody the truth about Money: it’s a mirror of the degree to which you embrace ALL of you: Your Divine, your human and your magical Self.

You are so loved.

Money loves you because you are love.

What will it take to bring more love into your relationship with money (aka yourself)?

{Records closed}

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