Our relationship to money affects everything and I’m convinced it is a reflection of the degree to which we love, value and cherish ourselves.

I opened up the Akashic Records of my newsletter and this is the message that the energy of money wished to share with you today.

“Money, here I am.

I am you and you are me.

There is no separation between us. Can you contemplate, fathom and embrace this?

If money is to be Divine in nature, and you are Divinity incarnate, how can we not be one and the same?

Anywhere where you deny, repress, suppress, reject, despise, neglect, avoid, shame, guilt and blame yourself, THAT is where you have work to do with money. That is where your separation with money lies because that’s where you are cut off from parts of yourself.

Where have you bedeviled me and blamed me (aka “money”) for your woes?

Where have you disconnected from your power and blamed it (all) on money?

Where is your power with money? Where did it go? Where did you release it to others? Where did you buy into the notion that you aren’t brilliant, magical, potent, and more importantly, INFINITELY AVAILABLE for money?

Too much power is being put on money itself, when the power should be resourced, cultivated and nurtured within yourself.

Remember, I am a reflection of YOU.

I am a pure, unadulterated reflection, a mirror if you will, of how you see yourself.

I am a mirror of the stories that you’ve told yourself about what you deserve, what you allow, what’s possible for you and what you can truly create, if you allowed yourself to imagine it for a hot moment.

Yes, I am also one of your greatest teachers.

How could I not be, when money is required for all things (and no things!)?

If you desire more of it, because you perceive money to be your saviour and the golden pathway to all that you desire, how could I not be so perfectly positioned to teach your about your Divine capacity to create, to receive, to allow and to be magical?

Too much has been put on the energy of money and that’s been a fallacy, a misplacement of resources, in part, designed to trick you and to distract you from the Truth: Your power with money.

We understand that you may not feel this.

We understand that money, despite at times having been villainized, is simply a teacher to bring you back home to what’s true for you, to what abundance and co-creation with the Divine looks like and ultimately, your own relationship to your Divinity.

We understand that old wounds, betrayals, trauma and some hard things may have happened in your life that broke your trust with the energy of money, with the privileged and unequal insitutions that hold money. And as a result, your own trust of yourself with money, your trust with the Divine and your trust in yourself with money was broken, cracked or plain shattered.

But what if this doesn’t have to be the story moving forward?

What if there is a new pathway before you that allows you to heal your past hurt, to re-write the stories that have brought you to this point and for you to create a brand new IDENTITY OF YOURSELF WITH MONEY?

What could that even look like?

Does that excite you? Does that scare you? Does that overwhelm you a bit perhaps?

That’s all good.

At the CORE, your agreements, and your beliefs about yourself (aka money) are at the root of your relationship to money.

The wounds from your parents.

The habits you’ve taken on from family members and the stories and patterns of your ancestors with money – these have brought you to this point but now YOU get to unravel those knots, those beliefs and to embrace the wisdom, the hardship, the resilience AND WRITE YOUR STORY with money.

For so long, we’ve carried the stories of our ancestors as our own, that we haven’t known how to unencumber ourselves, and more importantly, to forgive ourselves and those who have influenced our relationship to money, so we can become truly FREE.

Forgiveness is a big part of our relationship to money.

The blame, the shaming, the guilt-tripping, the co-dependency patterns, the victim triangle of blame and shame, the feeling of disempowerment, entrapment, hopelessness, those have to go.

You are ready to release it.

You’ve made beautiful and great strides on your money journey let us assure you of this.

None of it has been for naught.

And now, you are ready to clean house.

You are ready to heal the past by transmuting YOUR UNDERSTANDING of what really happened in the past, of your role in your life with money and how you want to change the narrative moving forward.

No matter what you’ve experienced, how hurt you’ve been, or how crappy (or marvelous) you may feel with money, you are in the right place, at the right time.

You have what it takes to shift things around.

And for the love of all things good, KNOW that it is NOT or EVER IS, too late for you to be empowered around yourself with money.

Money is an invitation to relate to yourself, to your Truth AND to your shadow.

It is also, a call to arms, to release the past to understand it for what it is: a deep releasing ceremony of what others have imposed upon you about your power, your Divinity and what’s availalble and possible for owmen, so you can have your own RECLAMATION OF POWER by coming home to yourself.

For some of you, the lesson to your Divinity had to be through money.

It was the only way, and the way your Soul chose, to reclaim its voice, its expression, its potency and to get your attention.

We cannot emphasize enough, that no matter evidence you have for yourself, that you are fucking BRILLIANT WITH MONEY.

If, for just ONE SECOND, you embraced this to be true about yourself, because, you as a Divine being are INNATELY BRILLIANT, then what emotions, memories, thoughts, stories come up for you?

These are the places to do some excavation work and to alchemize what’s before you.

To move forward in your soul’s work, to be set free from the shackles of past expenditures, beliefs, narratives and shame, you must LET GO of the past by blessing it, accepting it, forgiving it AND RELEASING IT.

That’s where the IDENTIFY SHIFT LIES.

Because once you realize, and embrace even the speck of possibility that you are BRILLIANT with MONEY because you ARE INNATELY DIVINE AND THEREFORE BRILLIANT YOURSELF, what would be shaken up in your life, health, relationships, friendships and business?

  • What fears do you have about embracing your brilliance with money?
  • What comes up when you consider the possibility that you are brilliantly Divine and potent?
  • What’s your relationship to your potency?

When we forgo the lie that we are bad with money and there powerless, impotent or a victim to life, the archaic money institutions and we break free and wildly claim what’s available in the field for us to claim, create and to receive, then what would happen?

What would be possible?

These deeper questions are what’s ready for you to be present with, dear ones.

This doesn’t require massive amounts of work, this doesn’t require painful and endless healings, this doesn’t require reliving past pain, but it DOES ASK that you look at where you have bought into the lies about yourself, your abilities and what’s possible for you with money.

If the story and belief that you are DIVINELY AND INNATELY BRILLIANT with money because as Divine being, you are infinitely abundant, how can that translate into your human experience?

Where can we integrate your human experience WITH your innate Divinity so that they dance harmoniously like a symphony together moving forward?

What if we broke the lie of separation between you (and your innate Divinity) and your worldly desires, experiences and choices?

What could you create then?

We’ll be back soon with more to share about you and your relationship to money (aka your Divinity)

{Q&A} Until then, we kindly ask you to share with Priscilla your specific questions on money for us to respond to and we invite you to come back and work with us in her Divine Money Workshop if that is a yes for you.

For now, embrace your brilliance with money and the feelings that come up that may counter that Truth.

We love you so much.

You are so loved, and so brilliant, in all the ways and in all the things.

Here’s to you rocking your relationship to your Divinity (aka your money) too.

Bonus tip=> When you stop focusing on money directly, and shift your focus to your relationship to your relationship with the Divine (i.e. God, consciousness, the Quantum field, your Higher Self) and on forgiving yourself and your relationship to money, joy and abundance will shift naturally.

Stop making it so damn hard. And stop giving something that’s been made up, all the power.

You’ve always had the power dear one, and the good news is that never changes because you are infinitely abundant and Divine.”

{Records closed}

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