I opened the Akashic Records of my newsletter list and here’s the message for this Thanksgiving week.

What message do you wish to share with this community today?




We cannot stress this enough.


Use this time of hibernation, of connection, to be in connection WITH YOURSELF.

There is so much to be INTEGRATED and to RELEASED.

You are going through an up-level that is being catalyzed through a deep releasing and purging process.

Whether you are actively or consciously aware of what’s shifting right now, please know that IT IS all being released and reworked and shifted for YOUR benefit, your evolution and that of the planet. This is NOT a coincidence. This is timely, needed and part of what’s to come.

This means that this process is INTEGRAL and critical in order for you to step into what’s next for you.

We acknowledge that this space of BEING can be and likely is quite uncomfortable. That’s totally ok.

Lean in.

Breathe THROUGH IT so you can get to the other side of it.

Fear not the pain and the upwelling of emotions.


Welcome the parts of yourself that you’ve held back and allow yourself to be fully in your power by integrating and welcoming ALL of yourself to the table.

There is more to come and it’s going to be SO AMAZING.

AND…dear one, this time of reflection, releasing and deep contemplation is fertile ground for you to have an amazing forthcoming harvest.

Trust us and trust your process.

You already know this to be true. We are simply re-affirming this to be the case.

Is there any healing that this group needs right now?

Yes, to rest and to recalibrate your nervous system.

Since the pandemic, the entire force field of the planet and of our species has been rocked on purpose so that we can release so much of the old energies, patterns, points of view and frequencies so that we can step into a new reality and a new way of being.

All this shaking up has required us to RE-EVALUATE EVERYTHING. And as uncomfortable as this has been, it is PRIMING YOU for what’s week so you are in deep and in the fullest level of alignment for the next leg of your spiritual journey and to be fully in your power moving forward.

Our Thanksgiving message for you:

Gratitude isn’t something that you force yourself into or think your way through.

Rather, it’s an invitation to look at how you show up for your life and the ones you love.

Are you in true and deep APPRECIATION or are you looking for what’s NOT here?

It is possible, dear one, that you can have BOTH: Deep appreciation AND to be fully in the honouring of your soul’s and heart’s desires that are already on their way to you?

This Thanksgiving, it’s not about the have’s and the have not’s but it’s rather about what’ present and true for you and how you wish to live your life.

Get out of the default of what’s supposed to be done and allow yourself to do what your SOUL wishes to do.

Do things YOUR WAY.

Can you embrace tradition if you choose and to make it YOUR OWN?

Can you allow yourself to set boundaries, to say NO and to say YES to yourself?

Can you unshackle yourself from old expectations and judgements and to CHOOSE YOURSELF so you no longer betray YOUR TRUTH?

Are you willing and able to give thanks for YOU: for your presence, for your contribution and for your LIFE because it gets to be a gift that you give of thanksgiving and of appreciation FOR YOURSELF?

Are you willing to be YOURSELF?

Are you willing to make traditions anew so they fit who you are and who you are becoming?

Thanksgiving is the microcosm of life and for every moment, event, occasion where you get to define, redefine and embrace YOUR WAY of doing things.

Get creative, think outside the box and go UN-traditional for a change. Not just to be rebellious or “radical” but rather because you are defining what’s true for you.

What’s the final message that you have for this group today?

Stay present.

Have fun.

Breathe life and appreciation into who you are, and into who you are BECOMING.

Embrace all of life.

Embrace ALL that IS and know that ALL is WELL.

Life is ALWAYS well.

Have fun.

UNHOOK from old expectations and judgements and start or continue to carve out your path for everything.

Above all else, EXPAND your edges, stretch yourself into vulnerable new spaces, conversations and paths that will bring so much life-giving and joyful energy into your life!

When you realize how little changes you make, as minor as choosing a new path to a usual destination, how saying hello to a neighbour or striking a conversation with someone new can revolutionize your world and expand you so much beyond what you’ve been able or willing to see- you’ll appreciate so much more.

Remember that the fullness of your life is already present. You need only expand your edges of comfort and your willingness to see, embrace, hear and to allow life to delight and surprise you, It’s all right here – right under your nose.

Release the judgments.

Let go of the limiting and stifling expectations of yourself and from others.

And choose HAPPY.

Choose connection.

Choose to be INTENTIONAL and lean into your desires AS you release the old.

Remember that it’s SAFE for you to let go.

Remember that it’s SAFE for you to be in the space of the “in between” as you unhook and untangle from past identities and patterns that you no longer need.

Remember that you have EVERYTHING THAT YOU NEED.

All is well.

Now and always.

{Records Closed}

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