I’m such a control freak.

Not so much with stuff but with the Universe and outcomes.

Control really is about lacking trust in the Divine orchestration of things and wanting to play God.

“I want it and I want it now” is how my inner 2 year old operates.

The problem with this is that is also leads to a lot of attachment.  A lot of doing things IN ORDER TO GET something (ick!).

I know – I said it.

The last few months I’ve gotten really curious about abundance, money, contribution, leadership and who I am BEING.

Truth is that if you aren’t getting the results you desire or feeling like you’d like to feel, chances are that you are NOT BEING or EMBODYING the energies that will create what you want to have. Makes sense?

And a lot of the angst and worry I was experiencing was because I was so attached to outcomes, opportunities, relationships and just about anything I thought would GET me what I thought I NEEDED to succeed (ouch!).

Whether you are micro-managing your business, your clients, your growth, your relationships, your money, chances are the deeper root of the matter is that you aren’t trusting yourself and/or the Universe.

Do I hear a “bazinga”?

So I began to really study what my friend Lisa told me: Priscilla be attached to your message, and detach from all outcomes.

Easy for her to say right?

But there is so much lightness and possibility when we actually DETACH from NEEDING anything. And so I began experimenting.

You start to reclaim your personal power instead of giving it away to people, places, opportunities and things that may or may not give you want you think you need and want.

What about serendipity, magic and possibility?

It’s hard for those to show up (and your joy) when you are hanging onto anything for dear life. You see what I mean?

I bring this up because I am seeing the path to leading from your soul as one of refinement.

A call to let go of those old patterns, thoughts, energies and WAYS OF BEING that won’t serve your mission, your purpose and your JOY moving forward.

Do you feel like you need to control a lot to feel more at ease?

Do you try to manipulate outcomes?

Do you feel icky, needy or desperate even but you can’t help yourself?

If you answered yes to any of these, you’re NOT alone and don’t beat yourself up.

The key here is to acknowledge that you are doing the best you can.

You may be in the shadow side of your Leading From Your Soul Archetype and that’s totally fine.

And ultimately, what will CREATE MORE?

What way of being and energies if you connect to them will CREATE MORE in your life, business and leadership?

Then I want you to start operating from THOSE ENERGIES and see what’s possible.

Want to explore this in more depth with other awesome people?

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