Last night my dear friend and I were talking about our big visions to contribute to the world.

And then we hit a snag: perfection.

Can we be leaders when we still have debt?

Can we be leaders when we still don’t have the full picture of what we are creating?

Can we be leaders when we feel like a fraud and are fearful of being “found out”?

Can we be leaders when we feel like we aren’t enough?

The answer is YES.

You wouldn’t think to ask a teacher, a fireman, a policeman or a doctor in the ER if he was “perfect”, had zero debt or if they had enough experience to help you.

They were trained. They were present and they were there to contribute.

The key is that we are ready now to lead.

Start where you are.

Since leadership is contribution (as defined in my upcoming book), we are all leaders already because we are all contributing.

And yes, if you feel like it’s time to handle your finances, to take responsibility for cleaning up areas in your life that our misaligned, definitely do it.

However, don’t let the fact that you are a work in progress (aren’t we all?) stop you from taking action, being a contribution to the world and to making an impact and being more visible.

You are ready now and we need your contribution now.

Stepping into leadership and doing it from a soul-driven place is a high contact sport.

It requires you to be ALL IN.

It shines the light on all of the areas where you need to let go of what got you to this point so you can elevate to the next level of contribution you are meant to create.

The key to doing this is community, support and sisterhood.

That’s why I created the Leadership Soul Circle Facebook group so you don’t have to rise into leading from your soul alone.

It’s a place where visionary women entrepreneurs and leaders are actively leading from their soul and creating paradigm-shifting conversations and ripple effects in the world.

It’s a place where you will be supported in staying focused on your vision, witnessed by a fierce group of amazing women up to be things, have the sisterhood of resources and camaraderie to get you through the bumpy times and resources to keep you building momentum.

I’d love to invite you into the Leadership Soul Circle Facebook group.


Starting in March, I will be launching the monthly free zoom series in the group on relevant topics pertaining to leadership, entrepreneurship and being the highest contribution you can be.

You know you’re being called to make a bigger contribution for the world and change the way that the world works.

I’ll see you on the inside and please introduce yourself when you join.