I want you to have a kick ass relationship to money and I have a resource to help you do that.

I had a recent awakening with money and a deep knowing in my soul that for us women to step up and lead, share our gifts and to change the world, we MUST have a relationship to money that works for us.

What if you could fully trust money, yourself and the Universe and know in your bones that you have the power to create whatever you want, whenever you want?

And what if having a delicious relationship with money and to receiving it was simply a CHOICE?

So, while I never thought I’d be talking about money, I am.

Because I want women to feel FREE with money, to lead, to speak up and to choose whatever they desire without hesitation.

You can play to win. In fact, it’s your birth right.

You don’t need to tolerate under-earning, cycles of feast and famine or hold yourself back from choosing what you want because you can’t “afford it.”

Creating a new reality with money is possible and it starts with you CHOOSING a different reality for yourself.

So drum roll…..

I would love to invite you into the SOUL PROFIT CIRCLE.

It’s a year-long adventure to having an empowered relationship to money.

What makes this program different?

  1. We look at money through the spiritual lens of the Akashic Records.
  2. We look at money and profitability and how it intersects with leadership and you living your purpose (so cool).

I believe that the women who have a healthy relationship to money that will change the world.

What do you receive in the Soul Profit Circle?

  • A monthly channeling and/or clearing in the Akashic Records on the core topics of the course: money, leadership and purpose to empower you around creating, having and being a powerful leader with money.
  • A 1 hour group monthly call on Zoom (recorded).
  • Access to inspiring and informative monthly interviews from experts who are charting their own destiny with money, leadership and living their purpose.
  • A quarterly book clubwhere we pick a book to openly discuss new concepts and possibilities around having and growing money.
  • A private Facebook group to celebrate your wins and journey with awesome like-minded women.

The investment for the year:

$297 pay in full OR $27/month for 12 months.

Program dates: January 2018 – December 2018

I will show you have you can be ok receiving judgments from people and out-create people in your life.

We will talk about those sneaky patterns holding you back from being super powerful and also about your willingness to RECEIVE and a lot more.

We cannot change the world when we are in survival mode, wondering where our next pay check, meal ticket or last minute saving grace will come from.

Is this program what you and your business has been asking for?

Click here to register for the Soul Profit Circle.

I cannot wait to support you in having an empowering and juicy relationship with money.

What else is possible now?

You can listen to a Facebook live I did on profit, leadership, purpose and my awakening a couple of weeks ago HERE.