Last Friday I spoke to a group of 40+ women survivors of Domestic Violence here in San Diego.

It was humbling, empowering and definitely a full circle moment for me.

Last Fall, when I spoke at a women’s business conference on soul leadership, the event host challenged us to explore philanthropy and giving back now.

Soul leadership is about contributing to the greater good in a way that creates a win-win for everyone.

And so the invitation to step up, give back and to choose to do it right now felt in alignment with my message.  It was also an invitation to stop waiting for someday and to give back. I was ready.

And the opportunity arose shortly after that conference to be a keynote speaker at this event.

At first I didn’t think I had anything to add to these women’s lives.

How could I possibly understand what they’ve gone through?

How could I connect with them in a tangible and real way that would support them on their soul’s journey?

And yet, truth be told, I did have an intimate connection to them.

I experienced abusive behavior my teenage years that deeply shaped my perception of myself and my relationship to others and the Universe.

In fact, those events led me on a 20+ year journey of healing and self-exploration back to myself.

And I acknowledged how far I have come.

So today, I showed up and openly shared my story of choosing to live a free and joyful life.

I saw a lot of nodding heads.

I saw many tears streaming down people’s faces.

I saw lots of light bulbs go off and a lot of writing.

There were many questions that I openly answered.

There was also a lot of laughter as I sat on a tabletop overlooking the room of women who I could see as fierce, powerful and unstoppable.

I also controlled my temptation to try to control how they would receive my story, their judgments of me and what they would get out of it.

That’s an old pattern: trying to control and manipulate outcomes to prove myself worthy.

Not this time. It was all about THEM.

In sharing my story, I reminded them of their own inner knowing: they might call it their intuition, their gut feeling to know that they always know.

I invited them to have a beginner’s mind and to stay strong in their resolve and to keep the faith that life will continue to get better as long as they never give up on themselves.

I challenged them to believe that anything is possible and that they can be happy and joyful and believe in magic and in themselves again.

That they can trust themselves again.

That they can have anything they desire.

And then I shared some expansive questions I learned from Access Consciousness that create more possibilities and magic.

Questions like:

  • What will create more in this situation?
  • What would it be like to have_____?
  • What would it take to create____?
  • What is my next step?
  • What else is possible here that I haven’t even imagined?
  • What is the gift in this situation that I am not yet seeing_____?

And I invited them to be a demand in their lives for things to change and to stay living in the question.

At the end of the session, the ladies approached me with thankful hugs, teary eyes and more questions that I humbly answered.

I was so in awe of these women and their strength. They inspired me to be strong and to continue to share my message that no matter what, you can be happy if you choose you and you never give up.

So I shamelessly tell you that I was selfish today.

I was the lucky one to receive from all these women.

They have come so far and they have given me the space to share my story – something that I haven’t up until this point ever shared publicly.

I love helping women see their magic and to believe in it again or perhaps for the first time.

I asked the women if they thought they were magical. That question was received with mixed looks… some more lit up than others.  That’s ok.

Towards the end, I invited them to take my Leading From Your Soul Archetype Assessment so they could be reminded of their magic and invited them to share it with others starting with their own lives.

Because we are all magical.

We all have so much to share and contribute to the world.

I was reminded of magic today and now I have an invitation for you:

If you’ve been waiting for the “perfect moment” or the “perfect opportunity” to share your story, don’t wait.

If you’ve been feeling the calling to contribute, volunteer and to give back, do it now.

People are hungry for your story, your inspiration and your magic.

Are you willing to be the magic that you truly be? I wonder what you can create from that space.

I am looking forward to more magical adventures of this nature and what else is possible now?