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Until you go “all in” to transform your business so you are no longer trading hours for money (being the bottleneck and losing joy by the day), you aren’t giving yourself or your business a chance to expand into its next level of growth.

Too often my clients, who are deeply committed to their work and high achievers, start telling me of their attempts to try to hire new people, to reconfigure new pricing for their services (higher rates so they can hopefully work less and afford more support), but find themselves falling short, disheartened, with an equal or heavier workload and at odds, spinning their wheels trying to find a way to keep going.

When you have a high quality problem, like more clients than you can service, it’s easy to feel isolated (with the burden of having to figure it all out yourself), and perhaps even misunderstood by colleagues who may wish they were in your (lucky) shoes.

=> Your loved ones, significant other and kids, however, know better.

They hate seeing you make excuses each week asking for a date night rain check, or missing soccer practice or a girls weekend because you HAVE to get work done or you are under a tight deadline.

They see your declining mental health: your anxiety and heightened stress. Perhaps you are leaning more frequently on that glass of red wine at night to decompress.

They notice that despite your best efforts you are distant, your mind a million miles away trying to figure out your burning problem of how you can possibly keep up your current pace without dropping any serious balls or losing your sanity in the process.

You can’t help but notice your decline either.

You feel cranky and overburdened; you aren’t sleeping as well, perhaps you’re up to 2 cups of coffee a day, you are skipping meals or eating too much takeout, you’re missing your favourite exercise time (where you got your great ideas, decompressed and reconnected to yourself) and as a result, those extra sedentary hours, poor eating habits are affecting your focus and showing up on your waistline.

And you wake up one morning (and then many more after that) feeling disgruntled, overburdened with your work and wondering: ” How did I get here?” And ” How can I fix this?”

Where you once felt enlivened by your work, now you feel partially defeated, much less joyful and trying your best to keep your head above water and if you are lucky, not drop too many plates and anger too many clients.

In the knowing that something has to change, you give change a genuine ‘go’ (though it ends up being mostly a bandaid).

-You TRY to make it to yoga class.

-You tell yourself you won’t work on (most) weekends.

-You pep talk your way into ‘doing’ better.

-You find the time to write a job description for a team member, partially hoping you don’t find them either for fear they will disappoint or be more than you can afford, but the hiring is either a disaster (eroding your self-confidence) or you don’t know how to train or delegate them and either fire them or feel resentful that you have mediocre support (i.e. you still have too much on your plate).

The truth is that you are trying- really.

Finding a solution to grow your business without you doing it all yourself is constantly on your mind.

The inconvenient truth is that whether you are aware of it or not, you haven’t (yet) gone all in or said a 100% yes to the next phase of your business growth and your growth as CEO.

So you try to piecemeal a solution that still keeps you in the old paradigm of beliefs, habits, patterns and business model that you’ve outgrown and therefore, spinning your wheels.

And as we know, your next level of growth, whether you are simplifying your biz by expanding or downsizing, requires a new YOU and creating space to STEP INTO WHAT’S NEXT – FULLY.

You can’t create the new with weighty scraps from the past.

That being said, you certainly can build on what you’ve created and assess what will support what’s next, but it will look and feel different.

This is because this next phase has its own new prescription or ecosystem if you will.

And the most important element of this next phase of your business (model and vision) is YOU:

-Telling yourself the truth and the whole truth about what you want (even if you can’t see it all yet)

-Being uncomfortably willing to let go of old patterns and habits (like still doing too much yourself, not trusting team members, being afraid of the ‘ bigness or crazy’ version of your vision)

-Being patient with yourself (changing habits and unlearning takes some time and being kind with yourself)

And ultimately knowing yourself and trusting yourself and where life and your intuition is taking you.

There are no shortcuts.

It is an internal process since you are steering the ship.

But it absolutely can be done.

Once my clients actually verbalize what they truly want (for ex: to dismantle a partnership, start an entirely new career or create a transformational arm to their business) they feel a whoosh of freedom and tingling excitement.

They are no longer holding in a secret or a dream that had been brewing and living quietly, isolated in their hearts for years without oxygen to breathe life into it.

From this new found space of Truth, we can start unpacking their immediate next steps that create the emotional and physical space for us to flesh out the rest of their vision, and start implementing it at a pace their minds and nervous systems can manage.

From there it’s a matter of holding the space for them to commune with their vision and self-commitment to their alignment to what’s next and taking the congruent steps to make their dreams come true.

All the while starting to work less, start enjoying work more and maintaining it or growing their revenue.

This happens not because this transition into a new phase asks them to do more, but to understand the steps and strategies that will create the greatest impact and chunk off tons of hours off their overflowing calendar.

=>> Because the key to working smarter isn’t doing more, it’s in being MORE:

  1. honest with yourself
  2. courageous to do/say what you’d been avoiding for years and
  3. confident in your ability to follow through.

The result is that once we finish working together they are a different leader and CEO: lighter, happier, more at ease, healthier, deeply connected to their why and fulfilled knowing they are doing meaningful work, expanding their impact and revenue while having PLENTY of time to be with their family, friends and for projects that matter to them.

It’s incredible what some concentrated doses of Truth serum, courage and a fresh perspective and support can have to create a more congruent, effective and profitable business owner ready to take on the world, the way that feeds her soul and sparks joy.

My clients often tell me they wish they’d hired me a lot sooner because they feel so much more alive. They admit the process wasn’t always easy, but perhaps more importantly, that it wasn’t nearly as difficult as they’d imagined. Rather, it was the stagnating of their growth and not listening to their soul that was way more painful in hindsight.

At its core, my client’s transformation always starts with a shift in mindset (” I can really do this?”) and a willingness to create space for what’s next to come through (self-permission and faith).

Helping my clients, who are service-based entrepreneurs maxed out with 1:1 clients step into the next phase of their business growth and leadership is one of the many things I work on in my 6 month 1:1 mentorship program that helps spiritually-minded, established entrepreneurs to simplify their business model so they have more fun in business, grow their income and serve a more premium client without sacrificing their health, sanity or sense of purpose and fulfillment.

Email me at if you are interested in the program. I will ask you a few questions and if we are a fit we can get started right away.

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